‘You know, this is always my best season, there’s just something beautiful about Christmas, something blissful and peaceful to, I believe Jesus actually exists’ Kachi continued dryly knowing very well her  friend wasn’t paying attention to whatever she had to say.

 ‘Yea right, Jesus is real so stop running your mouth’ Sophia was getting impatient with the traffic.

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‘You don’t have to be rude you know? I’m trying to get you to relax’? Kachi whispered.

 ‘If something happened to him, I could never forgive myself’ Sophia sobbed. Oscar was the only man that had looked her way since her first boyfriend had broken up with her. She knew she wasn’t attractive, most men came for her body and she wouldn’t let them, at the end of the day, they made fun of her and called her silly names, ‘Fatty’ was always among them.

 ‘Oh God don’t start, how can you say such? Nothing would happen to him’ Kachi felt bad anytime Sophia cried, she was just too fragile to get hurt.

 ‘Okay, you know how much Oscar loves me, he accepts me the way I am, he loves me so much, he reminds me of Benet in so many ways’ she smiled sadly.

 ‘Honey don’t go there, Oscar and Benet have nothing in common’ Kachi hissed angrily.

 ‘You never really liked Benet did you?’ Sophia was forced to laugh.

 ‘Oh please, he never deserved you, how did you even fall for that guy, I know he was hot and happening but any man who isn’t loyal ain’t worth my shit’ Kachi hated Benet after she’d seen Barbie and him making out, the scene had haunted her for several days, but she wouldn’t let Sophia in on what she’d seen.

It would have wrecked her completely.

 ‘I don’t know Kachi, sometimes I wish I was so thin that I’ll never ever want to worry about getting fat’ she relaxed against the car seat.

 ‘Soph, do you think finding a man is all about the way you look? You’re lucky to have a man like Oscar, don’t allow your insecurities get in your way of love, you have a problem with your weight but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved and cherished’ Kachi consoled her.

 ‘You know why I love you? You always find a way of lifting my spirits, I wish I could do that to you when you’re down’ she knew how Kachi could be when she got depressed.

 ‘Well there’s just one thing you can do, find me women that are into women’ Kachi grinned and focused on the road.

 ‘You aren’t serious are you?’ Sophia fixed her seatbelt and ignited the engine as the traffic lightened.

 ‘Yes I am, I wanna be happy baby, like you and Oscar, just that in place of a dick, I’ll be having cucumbers or fingers’ she added.

 ‘Oh please, I am not sleeping with Oscar, I told you before, I’m keeping myself for my wedding night, I want it to be special’ Sophia wanted giving Oscar her virginity once they got married.

 ‘Oh please, you should break it and enjoy, you’re missing out on a lot’ Kachi winked.

 ‘Okay, fasten your seatbelt, we’re about to fly’ Sophia warned and increased the speed.

 ‘You have to slow down Sophia, I am not finding it funny, what if we have an accident’? Kaci frowned disapprovingly.

 ‘I am in perfect control mademoiselle, trust me’ Sophia ignored her warning.

She was happy she had a friend like Kachi, she helped her feel good about everthing, helped her accept herself. Christmas was already in the air, fog had built up and the night was going to be cold, she didn’t know what happened, but she looked out the window for a minute.

 ‘Oh my God, the brakes, the brakes!’ Kachi screamed, but it was too late, they’d bumped into a black colored Honda civic.

 ‘Oh my God, what have I done’? Sophia was deeply terrified as she brought the car to a halt, she’d bumped into another car, she hadn’t been fast enough with the brakes.

 ‘I told you, girl, I am not with you on this one, you’ll handle yourself’ Kachi swore angrily as they both stepped down.

Luckily, there weren’t other cars ahead of the Honda, but they’d done a huge damage to the back of the beautiful car.

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‘Lord help me out of this’ Sophia walked gingerly to where the car was parked, but there was no one inside.

 ‘There’s no one’ she turned to face Kachi.

 ‘Yes, but we can’t run if that’s what you’re thinking, whoever owns this car may likely be inside this mall, so we just have to wait’ Kachi observed the car.

 ‘I wasn’t planning on running’ Sophia replied quietly. She was confused, she joined Kachi in observing the back of the car, the two car lights were damaged and she knew she would definitely pay for it.

 ‘Not right now, how on earth would I afford this? And the restaurant is opening next week, I dunno, maybe I should’ve listened to you, maybe I should’ve called one of his friends’ Sophia wiped the tears that fell off her eyes.

 ‘This isn’t the time Sophia, let’s just hope this man or woman is a nice person and wouldn’t report us to the police’ Kachi replied.

 ‘I hope so’ Sophia stopped to breathe, as a very attractive man stepped out of the mall with a beautiful half-caste on his shoulders.

 He was tall, dark with eyes that sparked lightning, his beards were low so was his hair, but none of that attracted her like his pink lips that curved in a sensuous style as he looked down on the woman who was laughing softly.

 ‘My God, he’s a hot one, I may consider being straight once more’ Kachi drooled as the man walked closer to them.

 ‘Oh Lord’ Sophia coughed weakly, he walked towards the car they’d bashed.

 ‘Why are those two ugly women standing next to my car’? Lekan had whispered into her ears, Eleona was one of his numerous girlfriends.

Olalekan Olaoluwa was the son of the ex-governor of Osun state, though many didn’t know about him, the masses only knew much about his half brother who was older than him…

 ‘I like the fat one, she reminds me of Christmas Turkey’ Eleona chuckled softly.

 Lekan was a man of foul temper and he had a penchant for women, he loved gorgeous women and loved to sleep with them without catching feelings, nobody ever understood why he did what he did, but his heart had been broken by one woman, he’d fallen in love with her for real. He’d told her about his feelings, but she’ d betrayed him greatly by sleeping with his own father, he still remembered her name, but he wouldn’t speak it. The incident had happened three years ago, shortly after their break up, he’d resumed his womanizing ways.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 2

 ‘Do you see that’? Eleona was quick to notice what had happened to the car.

 ‘No, this cannot happen to my car, I bought this just last week, what the fuck is this’? he swore angrily as he got to the scene.

 ‘Did you women see who did this to my boyfriend’s car’? Eleona spoke to the fat one but she wouldn’t answer.

 ‘I’m calling the police, I’m so confused’ Lekan reached for his mobile phone.

 ‘Please sir, I am so sorry, it was a mistake, I didn’t mean to bash your car but I got distracted, please just don’t call the police’ Sophia got closer to him and begged.

 ‘Yes, we’re really sorry and the brakes failed, have mercy on us’ Kachi joined and eyed the half-caste lady angrily, who did she think she was?

‘You’re kidding me right’? without thinking, he drove her to the tarred ground with a hard slap, minutes later he recollected himself.

 ‘Oh my god, did you have to do that’? Kachi rushed forward and helped Sophia up.

 ‘Shut up you monkey, your friend bashed my car and you think she doesn’t deserve that’? Lekan spoke in a rush.

 ‘You’re really crazy, you know that? How much is this stupid car of yours? we can even buy you a new one’ Kachi fired back.

 ‘Please Kachi mind your words, let’s beg him some more, I don’t want any trouble’ Sophia cried as the heat from the slap warmed her cheeks.

No man had ever struck her in her entire life.

 ‘Really?’ Lekan’s laugh was soft as he regarded Sophia rose to her feet.

 ‘Please sir, I am sorry’ Sophia begged.

 ‘Sorry? You’re so fat and ugly, why couldn’t you keep your ugly self away from my car, I think your friend is right? I need a new car and you both are gonna buy it for me’ he smiled mischievously.

 ‘Oh my God, Kachi what have you done’? Sophia whispered to her friend.

 ‘Fuck you’ Kachi snarled at him.

… To be continued!

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