‘And you too’ Lekan smiled, minutes later, the siren sang towards their direction and Sophia knew it was all over, the only person she thought of was her darling, she prayed wherever he was that he would be safe.

‘What kind of stunt did you just pull, I thought robbers had come to my house’? Oscar snapped at Barbie who’d played a prank on him.

 ‘Your door was wide open, so I walked in and switched off the lights and my voice could be so terrible at times’ Barbie laughed heartily.

 ‘You scared me mehn, I think your sister is worried, I should call her back and tell her I am okay’ Oscar suggested.

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‘No, don’t call her, she’ll be fine’ Barbie dropped her purse on the couch and walked towards the man she’d come to love.

 ‘I don’t think we should do this again Barbie, like, the first time was a mistake, Sophia is just so nice and I don’t want to do anything to hurt her’ Oscar was being honest.

 Barbie was more beautiful than Sophia and somehow had charmed him into having an affair with her, but he had gotten back to his senses, besides, Barbie wasn’t in love with him, he knew that for sure, she was only using him to pay up her bills, he’d gone through her phone one time and had read her chats with other men.

 ‘Really? And the second time? Was that a mistake too’? her voice was low and sexy.

 ‘Barbie, you are very beautiful and it would be hard for any man to resist you but you shouldn’t have come here. You didn’t even tell me’ He threw his hands up.

‘Well, I am here, are you going to throw me out’? she smiled. Yes, he was right, she hadn’t meant to pay Oscar a visit, but her date had called and cancelled, so she had no other choice but to branch somewhere and cool off.

 ‘You know I can’t do that, I just feel bad doing this’ Oscar rubbed his head confusedly.

 ‘No, you don’t feel bad’ Barbie unzipped her dress and let it fall free exposing her beautiful and creamy skin.

 ‘Excuse me? I am dating your sister for god’s sake, have some pity on her’ Oscar replied.

 ‘You know Sophia would never love you like I do, she wouldn’t give her virginity to any man, so you better enjoy this baby, cause I am offering’ she unclasped her bra.

 ‘Barbie….you know I can’t resist you but Sophia loves me, I would never hurt her’ He rose to his feet and turned his back on her.

 ‘Love? What makes you think she loves you? You’re not the only man she’s seeing’ Barbie bit her lip. She wanted Oscar for herself, at least to cater for her before she tired of him and moved on to her next prey.

 ‘What are you talking about’? Oscar spun and faced her naked form and he swallowed her.

 ‘Benet is the only man she’ll ever love’ Barbie said.

 Oscar said nothing, he stared at Barbie perplexed.

 ‘Have you heard the name Benet before’? Barbie walked towards him.

 ‘Yes, she told me he broke her heart’ Oscar was confused.

 ‘She still loves him anyway’ Barbie continued.

 ‘How’s that even possible, she told me he’s overseas and this happened five years ago’ Oscar was disappointed.

 ‘Sorry honey, he is back in town’ Barbie smiled and clutched her arms round him.

 ‘Please sir, you don’t have to do this, I can buy your lights, you don’t have to take us to cell’ Sophia was still in shock. He’d slapped her, that had to be enough, but this? This isn’t how she planned to spend her night.

 ‘Sir, you called us’ one of the men spoke to Lekan.

 ‘Ah yes, Sergeant, I did, I came shopping and I parked my car safely outside, I didn’t violate any parking rules, but I came out here and found my car in wreck, these two miscreants are behind that and I want them to pay for it, so keep them in cell till I return with my lawyer’ Lekan explained.

 ‘Ah, officers please have mercy on us’ Sophia fell on her knees.

 ‘Officers don’t listen to him, we would pay him’ Kachi hated the man she’d admired minutes ago, in fact, she hated all men.

 ‘You can take them away’ Lekan chuckled darkly and dialed his driver to bring the other car.

 ‘Don’t you think you’re being too hard on them? I like the fat one, the Christmas Turkey’? Eleona rubbed his shoulder as the police officers took them away.

 ‘Honey, I just want to teach them a lesson, no one dares Olalekan’ Lekan replied silently.

 ‘Sure baby, no one dare you’ Eleona kissed his face and they both stepped into the car as the driver opened the doors for them.

 ‘Why are you not talking to me’? they’d been placed in the back of the police van with one scrawny looking officer.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 3

Sophia wouldn’t talk to her friend, fine, the handsome stranger had slapped her but was that enough reason for Kachi to be so rude?

 ‘Look Soph, I had to step in, I hate it when people treat you so badly and you look so helpless, yes we did him wrong, but he didn’t deserve to hit you like that, where’s his dignity’? Kachi hated it when Sophia ignored her.

 ‘I can do fine by myself, I can take care of myself, he hit me cause I bumped into his car, you shouldn’t have talked that way to him, he wouldn’t have called the police on us’ Sophia replied.

‘I am not going to apologize if that’s what you’re looking for, I did the right thing and the least I expect is a ‘thank you’, why I’m I even here with you? I told you we could call one of Oscar’s friends, I also told you to drive slowly so don’t do that, don’t try to manipulate me into feeling bad, don’t try to play the victim, cause that’s what you always do’ Kachi remarked angrily.

 ‘I am not playing the victim. Fine! I give up, you warned me, I didn’t listen, but you should have stayed away from that guy’ tears had welled up in her eyes as she remembered the way he’d humiliated her.

 ‘Make una keep quiet, I get headache’ the officer cautioned them.

 She just couldn’t understand why Sophia had to be difficult.

 ‘Kachi I’m sorry, it’s just, I feel terrible and frustrated, I am sorry I sounded that way’ Sophia wiped her face , she’d angered her friend, Kachi was right, what the stranger did to her wasn’t right.

 ‘Whatever, I am not talking to you’ Kachi ignored her.

 ‘Have you seen my phone, I should try and call Oscar or his friends, or I could ask Barbie to go over and check on him’ Sophia searched around nervously.

 ‘Barbie?’ Kachi scoffed, Why was Sophia  like this? She trusted her sister totally.

 ‘Uhmmm, anything wrong’? she asked Kachi.

 ‘No nothing, I haven’t seen your phone madam’ Kachi shook her head.

 ‘We don arrive, Oya move’ the van came to a halt and they both climbed down.

 ‘Kachi, what have we gotten ourselves into’? Sophia shifted closer to her friend.

 ‘I’m still not talking’ Kachi replied.

 ‘Who dem be?’ A female officer behind the counter asked as they both walked in.

 ‘Dem jam the car of his excellency o, na him call us that time, and dem bin try to escape’ the scrawny officer explained.

 ‘Ah, even dis fat one wan folo escape, car idem inside jaire, Olori buruku’ the woman hissed.

 ‘But that’s not true, we weren’t trying to escape’ Sophia spoke as the officer pushed them roughly forward.

 ‘Tah! Shut up, fatty bom bom, enter the cell make mosquito bite you small,you fit slim down overnight’ the man mocked.

‘God punish all of you for this Nigeria, yeye police men’ Kachi hissed loudly as the man walked away.

 ‘I am so sorry Kachi, this is all my fault, I should have listened to you’ Sophia begged tired of her friend’s silence.

 ‘It’s Okay Soph, just try to listen to me another time, we’ll get out of this, I promise’ Kachi rubbed her shoulders.

They were still unaware of the presence of three more ladies in the cell.

 ‘Una wehcome o, so una no fit greet’? one of the dirty looking girls called towards them.

 ‘Goodmorning, sorry good evening’ Sophia stuttered.

There were three women in the cell, one looked fierce and she stared directly at them, it scared her.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 3

 ‘U nko, u no fit tok’? the girl moved forward.

 ‘Abegi, cari your wahala go dat side, see me see wahala, wetin concern me and olosho’ Kachi hissed angrily.

 ‘Ah, who u dey call Olosho’? the dirty looking girl charged towards her.

 ‘Shakira!’ the fierce looking woman called after her.

 ‘Boss I hail, sorry I bin vex,’ Shakira steadied herself.

… To be continued!

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