‘Damn her, I’ve forgotten what I was about to paint’ he dropped the brush and walked towards the window.

He lived in a storey building and he purposely created his studio up because he loved to stare down into the streets for inspiration.

 ‘You have a visitor sir’ Mrs Olaitan, his old housekeeper informed him.

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‘I’ll be down in five minutes’ Lekan replied feeling empty.

 ‘I’ll be back for you I promise, I’ll be back’ He pointed at the canvas and walked out.

 Minutes later he was in the living room and he was gladdened his lawyer had arrived, only at the sight of his lawyer did he remember the events of the night before.

 He had totally forgotten what those two crazy women did to his car.

 ‘Goodmorning Sir’ his lawyer rose to welcome him.

‘Goodmorning  Ade’ he greeted his young lawyer.

 ‘Sorry I shouldn’t have disturbed you, this case isn’t totally worth it, two women pissed me off last night and I texted you in the heat of anger’ he explained.

 ‘Oh, can I hear about the problem’ Ade asked.

 ‘Actually, now I think about it, I think I should forget about that case, I just wanted to teach them a lesson’ he replied.

‘What really happened sir’? Ade insisted.

‘Well, one of them bashed my car and the other was quite the ass, she was being stubborn and proud, so I told them they’d pay back by buying me a new car’ Lekan explained.

‘Where are they now’? Ade asked.

‘I put them in cell, I think I should put a call through, let them be released, it’s for the sake of the Christmas turkey’ Lekan said.

‘Christmas Turkey’?Ade was confused.

 ‘Oh, you wouldn’t understand, sorry about that’ Lekan chuckled as he remembered the phrase Eleona used to describe the fat lady that bashed his car.

 ‘I don’t think you should let them go unpunished’ Ade said.

‘Why is that’? Lekan asked.

‘Well, no crime should go unpunished, you’ve already brought in the police, you should let me do my job’ he replied.

‘Well, we could go to the cell right now, from the way they looked, I doubt they could even buy the tire of my car’ Lekan frowned.

‘We’ll see about that’ Ade rose to his feet. Just then Lekan’s housekeeper walked into the room with an envelope.

‘Mr  Lekan, Miss Eleona dropped something for you’ the old woman handed him the envelope.

‘Thank you Madam, do well to prepare me something spicy, I have a craving for something peppery’ he instructed and opened the envelop.

‘I WOULD TELL THE WHOLE WORLD YOU HAVE A SMALL DICK’ He read the words and burst out laughing, why in the world would she leave him a message like this? He was very endowed in the groin area and he knew she was just doing this because he’d humiliated her.

‘I hope you didn’t read my love letter madam’ Lekan smiled at the woman who had this mischievous grin on her face.

‘No sir, that would be quite unprofessional’ she replied.

‘Good, Ade let’s go’

‘What a young man’ the old woman smiled.

She’d worked with the Olaoluwa family for many years, Lekan had grown eating from her palms, though he’d changed and become so rude and haughty, he wasn’t always this way, his problems started when his biological mother started having mental problems and she fled the house one day.

His father the governor had brought another boy home one day, telling his wife of many years that he’d another son outside of wedlock. The boy in question was older than Lekan, his mother couldn’t take it and they began having problems in their marriage.

She fled from the house when Lekan was only six years old and that was when his father had married the other woman.

‘Poor child’ Mrs Olaitan shook her head sadly, many people didn’t know that story, but she did and she would talk to Lekan one day.

‘Soph, wake up, it’s morning’ Kachi yawned and stretched her legs, she hadn’t much sleep due to the big sized mosquitoes that fed on them during the night.

‘I want to sleep some more, I’m so tired’ Sophia groaned.

‘You know what I’m currently worried about’? Kachi brushed her hair back to its place and turned to her friend.

‘What’s that’? Sophia dipped her hands into her pocket and felt for her car keys, she hadn’t forgotten that.

‘The car’ Kachi replied.

‘What if it’s stolen?’

‘Well, who would want to steal a bashed car’? Sophia asked still thinking about the rude man.

 ‘I am not talking about that mad man’s car dummy, I mean your car, you know how unsafe the streets could be’ Kachi explained.

‘Oh that, I took the keys, though I didn’t lock it, if only I had my phone, I’d call Barbie to come get the keys and get it off the road’Sophie replied feeling much worse about what she’d done to the stranger’s car.

 ‘You know a car could still get stolen without the keys right’? Kachi asked.

 ‘I don’t know but that’s not my worry right now, where do we get money to buy that man a brand new car or even replace the parts. Did you see that car’? Sophie’s eyes went wide.

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‘Una too dey disturb, abeg shut up dia’ Shakira hissed loudly at the duo who’d woken up earlier than others and disturbed them with their conversation.

 ‘Ignore her’ Sophia whispered to Kachi whose tongue was already itching for something to say.

 ‘I am afraid, you know our shop’s going to open next week, if this man insists we pay for his car, then I am afraid, our dream shop would never come to reality’ Sophia was sad by the current developments.

 ‘Well, there would be a way out, but I still don’t support the way that man hit you’Kachi replied.

 ‘Well, deed was done, let’s not argue over it’ Sophie replied still feeling ashamed by the way the handsome stranger had treated her.

Why was she this way? she sighed and lay back on the floor, this wasn’t the time to get depressed over being called  ‘fat’ or anything. She prayed earnestly for the stranger to pardon her.

  Minutes later, the creaking of the cell gate aroused them from sleep and they both looked up.

‘Wey una two? Oya stand up comot come hia’ the female office thundered as she opened the cell gate.

 ‘Is she talking to us’? Kachi sat up immediately

 ‘No, I dey talk to myself, e be like say displace sweet una, which kyn yeye question’ the woman hissed loudly.

 ‘Ah, God you are so faithful’ Kachi rose quickly and walked towards the gate.

 ‘Olosho, na god wey save you from my hands, idiot’ Shakira cursed at her.

 ‘See who dey tok, you go dey dis place till thy kingdom come’ Kachi fired back and the other women laughed.

 ‘You really have time for these people, you should learn how to ignore people once in a while’ Sophia straightened her gown.

 ‘Whatever, that’s your philosophy of life, if you look for my trouble, I finish you. I be Nigerian version of Madea na, u no dey feel me?’ Kachi was excited they’d finally been released.

 ‘I hear’ Sophia chuckled softly.

 ‘Uhmm, Kachi, you need to stay quiet, I can handle this, besides everything is on me, I was the one that bashed his car, so when we meet with him, I want you to stand down. I don’t need your ‘Madea’ skills, okay’? Sophia spoke gently as they trailed behind the police woman.

‘Hmmm, so you want me to be quiet and watch that rude brute insult you’? Kachi but her lower lip.

 ‘Yes, something like that’ Sophia nodded her head.

 ‘Okay, if you say so’Kachi gestured with her hands.

 ‘Make una wait here, Oga go soon arrive’ the woman offered them a seat behind the counter, the ex governor’s son had called and asked them to be released.

‘Thank you Ma’ Sophia tried sounding polite.

‘So here’s my car, here’s what those two crazy people did to my car’ Lekan brought the car to a halt and they both stepped down to the scene where the collision had occurred.

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 ‘Whoa, that’s a huge one sir, they have to pay for it, you just bought this car last week, how many times have you driven it’? his lawyer asked.

 ‘Just twice Ade, but let’s forget it, these women cannot afford to pay for my Honda, just look at what they rode in’ he pointed towards the women’s car that was parked behind it.7

 ‘Well, Toyota isn’t bad, it further shows they can afford it, please let me handle this case, let me teach them a lesson to be careful while driving on the road’ Ade insisted.

 ‘Okay, I give up, do whatever you want, just do it’ Lekan was tired of arguing with his lawyer.

 ‘Then let’s get going sir’ Ade said.

… To be continued!

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