‘Excuse me for a minute’ Lekan walked towards the Toyota and noticed the glasses hadn’t been wound up.

 ‘What are you looking for’? Ade followed him.

 ‘They forgot to lock their car’ Lekan remarked and suddenly felt guilty about the way he’d hit the fat lady. He knew he had anger issues but he hated it when men hit women. But he want going to apologize to her, she still bashed his car.

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‘Let me get those phones’Lekan opened the car door and picked the phone on the driver’s seat.

 ‘We can go now’ he announced and wound up the glasses.

 ‘Alright sir, when last did you hear from Ise’? Ade asked as the drive began. He had been a family friend to the Olaoluwa’s for some time now, before he even had admission into the University, he knew them very well.

Lekan’s father, the ex governor, was friends with his own father, though he was late now, the governor and the late chief Judge of Osun high court were good friends, so he knew a great deal about the family.

‘I don’t remember the last time I saw Ise, I haven’t been home for five years now’ Lekan hated talking about his family.

 ‘You’re still angry with your father’ Ade remarked.

 ‘No, I am not angry with my father or my half brother Ise, staying away from them is the healthiest thing for me’ Lekan  replied. Since he’d found out his father had slept with Adesua, the girl he’d fallen in love with, their relationship which had already been filled with loopholes had worsened.

 ‘So why haven’t you gone home since you returned from London’? Ade asked.

 ‘Ade, you know everything about my family, you know how my father forced me to study Engineering when I wanted being an artist, truth is, I don’t have time for them, my mother had only me, so I don’t have a family’ Lekan felt unhappy discussing this subject.

 ‘When last did you go for therapy’? Ade had heard about the circumstances that surrounded Lekan’s childhood, that explained why he had anger issue and flirted with all kinds of women.

 ‘I am not crazy Ade, Psychologists work on crazy people alone, there’s nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly fine. And never you bring up this subject again’ Lekan felt his blood rise, he’d  tried to forget his childhood. He’d repressed those painful memories of losing his mother to schizophrenia, those sad moments of his childhood, when he’ll be left alone and his father would go out fishing with Ise, his half brother.

 ‘I am perfectly fine’ Lekan hit the steering and brought the car to a halt as they arrived the station.

 ‘Are you’? Ade threw him a question and stepped down from the car.

 ‘I don’t know’ Lekan whispered and placed his head on the steering. No, he was fine, he was totally in control of his anger.

He still remembered the way her eyes went wild as she screamed, her hair was a mess and she smelt of alcohol. His mother who had been an angel had suddenly turned into this grotesque creature.

She was always cursing his dad for cheating on her, then one day, he returned from school hoping to see her again, praying in his childish mind that his dear mother would go back to being an angel.

He’d found Mrs Olaitan weeping sorrowfully in the kitchen, and he’d rushed to her side, that was how he learnt his mother had escaped from her room.

 ‘I am perfectly fine’ Lekan spoke the words again and tried to shut the memories that disturbed him.

From that day onward, Mrs Olaitan who was a young and childless widow at that time took care of him like his own child.

Even when he decided to leave his family at Osun and come stay at Lagos, she begged to follow him and he allowed her.

He was now grown, he had changed, why couldn’t the memories leave him be?

 ‘I can do this, I can handle my shit’ he swore and stepped down from the car.

 ‘You never told me what you would be calling your restaurant’ Kachi  asked her friend.

 ‘Uhmm, I think I should discuss it with Barbie first, you know, I want to have her opinion or maybe I could ask Aunt Davina’ Sophia scratched her chin thoughtfully.

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‘Do you really have to do that’? Kachi rolled her eyes.

 ‘Yes, I want everything to be perfect’ Sophia closed her eyes and dreamed. The Nigerian Labour market wasn’t favorable for millions of Nigerian Graduates, she had decided to use the money her parents had left them to start up something while waiting for a job.

 ‘I really admire your courage’ Kachi smiled at her friend.

 ‘What?’ Sophia forced open her eyes.

 ‘You have a rich boyfriend like Oscar yet you do not depend on him , you want to start up something and be independent, now that’s what I call girl power, not those hoes that sleep around and come to social media and clamour for gender equality’ Kachi hissed.

 ‘I just want to make something out of myself’ Sophia shrugged.

 ‘Ah, Oga goodmorning, wey our oda  Oga’ ? the female officer welcomed the lawyer as he stepped into the station.

 The girls quickly looked up.

 ‘How do I look? Does my breath stink’? Sophia straightened her hair, she didn’t know why she felt this nervous at the mention of the stranger.

 ‘Why would you even ask me that’? Kachi chuckled softly, what was her friend up to?

 ‘Engineer Lekan would be joining me shortly’ Ade replied and smiled at the woman before turning to Kachi and Sophia.

 ‘Good morning’ Sophia tried being friendly, maybe that could help them out of the situation.

 ‘Morning’ Ade replied dryly.

‘Remember what I told you, I can handle this’ Sophia whispered to her friend.

 ‘Yea whatever, here he comes’ Kachi eyed the rude man angrily, who the hell did he think he was?

 ‘Good morning Oga  Lekan, your excellency’ the officer bowed her head.

 ‘Ah, madam Ajoke, how are you doing? Is the D.P.O around’? Lekan smiled faintly at the woman. They  spoke for a little while before turning to the women that had angered him the night before.

 ‘Good morning sir’ Sophia rose to her feet, Kachi remained seated and wouldn’t acknowledge his presence.

 ‘Good morning’ Lekan replied calmly, he didn’t know why, but the way she looked brought him this peace and in her eyes, he found serenity. He quickly looked away and faced her rude friend, she had to be thought a lesson.

 ‘So you’re still being stubborn’? Lekan chuckled soflty.

 The sound of his laugh send shivers down her spine, she didn’t understand why, but she suddenly became nervous. She didn’t like the way Kachi had acted.

 ‘Well….’ Kachi was about saying something, but one look at Sophia’s pleading eyes silenced her.

 ‘Cat got your tongue’? Lekan faced her.

‘Sir, please I am the one to blame, I was the one driving and the car belongs to me, she is my friend and was just unfortunate to be in the car with me that night’ Sophia explained.

 ‘Well, that is none of our business’ Ade decided to chip in.

 ‘That’s not my problem madam, speak to my lawyer’ Lekan handed Sophia the phone and stormed out.

He had never felt nervous around a woman, there was just something about the lady but he wouldn’t dwell on that.

He decided to leave Ade to handle things the way he wanted.

 ‘I told you!, there’s no point of begging that brute’ Kachi snapped angrily.

 ‘So here’s what we’ll do Madam, you’re going to pay for the car lights, and each light costs a million naira, so sign these documents, stating you’ll pay else you wouldn’t be released from the cell’ Ade opened his briefcase and handed her a piece of paper.

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‘What? I can’t believe this, so you’re basically saying we should pay you two million Naira, are you crazy’? Kachi rose angrily and faced the lawyer.

 ‘Kachi it’s okay, let’s hear him out’ Sophia touched Kachi’s arm gently.

 ‘That’s it, so fill that form and drop your number and address. I’ll follow you to your home with some officers so I get to know where you live, should in case you try to deviate from the terms of agreement’ Ade said.

 ‘God this isn’t happening. You are on drugs Mr Lawyer’ Kachi felt like pouncing on him.

… To be continued!

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