‘Sir, I am not employed, I don’t have any source of income, how do you expect me to pay you two million naira’? Sophia explained. She had used up all what her parents left for them to establish the building, where would she get such money from?

 ‘Okay, just fill the form, we’ll work something out, are you telling me you are unemployed? How come you have a car? Maybe you should sell that’ Ade had a feeling she wasn’t being totally honest.

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‘Okay, I have this business idea’ Sophia decided to tell him everything, maybe that would help her out.

 ‘Please don’t listen to this clown’ Kachi tried to stop her friend.

 ‘Let me hear it’ Ade ignored Kachi.

 ‘I intend to open a restaurant’ Sophia explained.

 ‘When is it opening’? Ade’s face brightened.

‘Nextweek’ Sophia answered.

 ‘Good, very good, now fill the form and sign’ Ade rubbed his palms greedily. He knew damn well Lekan had no need for that kind of money, he was doing it for his own belly. If this deal worked well, he could take some out of the money and give Lekan some, that is, if he remembered to ask for it.

 ‘Okay sir’ Sophia filled it and signed hurriedly.

‘Good, so, once you open your restaurant, you’ll pay fifty percent of your earnings to Engineer Lekan. That would help him replace the lights you had broken’ Ade smiled and folded his briefcase.

 ‘what? Fifty percent? No, you cannot do this to me, how dare you’? Sophia was annoyed, she felt exploited.

 ‘Well, you already signed the document, delaying to pay the fifty percent, would mean, your immediate arrest. Thank you Miss Sophia’ Ade smiled and signaled to the female officer to arrange a van.

 ‘I told you not to tell him anything, he looks greedy, I bet his boss isn’t aware of his cunning ways’ Kachi felt bad for her friend.

 ‘Kachi, what do I do? Where do I get that kind of money’? Sophia swallowed.

 ‘Well, this time, you’ll have to ask Oscar. Your boyfriend is very rich, so you have to ask him for the money.’ Kachi replied.

 ‘Oscar’? Sophia swallowed hard.

‘Yes Oscar’ Kachi nodded her head.

The alarm rang mercilessly and she jerked up and scanned the whole room, she remembered having a fight with Oscar and storming out of his place late at night. She’d arrived home a bit late but her sister or her friend were nowhere to be found. She’d assumed they’d both gon e to spend the night at Kachi’s place.

 ‘Beautiful day’ Barbie smiled as she remembered the sweetness she found in the arms of Oscar. The man was such a gentle lover and he was very generous. She wondered why her sister always got such good men, why did they choose Sophia over her?

First, it was Benet, he was very handsome and came from a well to do family, she still remembered the day of their meeting, she had thought he’d smiled at her, she’d gladly returned his smile, but he had walked straight to where Sophia stood and he’d asked her out.

 Now it was Oscar, one of the richest guys in town. He had money, and that was what she liked. She loved a life of luxury, she knew how beautiful she was and she used it to enrich herself, she would keep Oscar for herself, she was sure of that, this time, she was going to be real with Sophia, what was the point of sneaking around?

 But she had to find a way and break them apart, Oscar was loved Sophia and she would destroy it, she hoped Benet would comply with her, as she had a plan working up her sleeves.

Her phone buzzed and she ran to pick it up, it was Oscar, her heart raced, had he called to apologize?

 ‘Goodmorning Barbie, have you heard from your sister? I have been trying her line but it’s not going’ Oscar said.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 8

‘Really? Is this why you called me? You called me to ask about Sophia yet again?’ she hissed and almost ended the call.

 ‘No Barbie, come on, she’s still my girlfriend you know and I care about her, your prank last night must have gotten her pretty worried, please tell her I called’ Oscar pleaded.

 ‘Why are you doing this Oscar? Sophia doesn’t love you, she only cares about your money, it’s Benet she adores. Stop wasting your time with her, you’ll only get your heart broken’ Barbie remarked.

‘You’re wrong about the money part, your sister doesn’t even ask me for money, and I told you I needed proof she’s seeing Benet, your story doesn’t just add up’ Oscar wouldn’t believe it.

 ‘So I am now a liar? Don’t you just worry, you’ll get all the proof you need’Barbie hissed and threw the phone on the bed.

 ‘Shit!, why does she always have to be the good one’ Barbie paced the room, she needed to think up something real quick, she needed to pull Sophia down.

 The sound of the car got her running to her window, she was startled by the presence of the strange car, what were the police doing here?

  She walked towards the living room and opened the door hurriedly.

‘Mr Ade, why are you bent on destroying my life, why would you make me sign that document’? Sophia wailed.

 ‘So this is where you live’? he scribbled her address and ignored her pleas totally.

 ‘Just leave him alone, we’ll find a way out of this mess’ Kachi comforted her.

 ‘So, I’ll be telling my boss about the developments, just make sure your get your restaurant running good, because we need that cash’ Ade waved them off and slid into the police car.

 ‘What’s going on here Soph’? Barbie wore a frown, she was confused.

 ‘It’s a long story  Barbs, very long story’ Sophia wiped her face, she had to appear strong.

‘Well you can make it brief, I don’t have time’ Barbie interrupted rudely to Kachi’s amazement.

 ‘Why don’t you get out of the way, so we get inside and take our shower’? Kachi replied feeling very irritated by Barbie’s attitude towards her sister.

 ‘Are you fucking kidding me? Sophia why do you keep bringing her to our house? You know she has a runny mouth’ Barbie stared darkly at Kachi.

 ‘Hey, this isn’t the time, Barbie you didn’t have to sound so rude, now let’s go inside let me tell you everything’ Sophia pleaded.

 ‘Whatever’ Kachi pushed Barbie aside and stepped into the house.

 ‘Did you see that? Did you see how she pushed me’? Barbie pointed at Kachi who’d already occupied the couch.

 ‘Just let it go Barbs, thank the lord your sister wasn’t swallowed by a lion’ Sophia exhaled with relief as she stepped into the house.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 8

‘Home sweet home, everything would be fine’ Kachi tried to cheer her friend.

 ‘Yea, I pray so’ Soph concurred.

 ‘So what really happened’? Barbie wasn’t that interested, she was just curious.

 ‘Well, Oscar called me last night and he screamed, so I thought he was in some kind of trouble, I’ll still go to his place and check him, so I hurried into the car with Kachi to go see him, on our way, things got out of hand and I bashed into this very expensive car’ Sophia paused.

 ‘And the owner arrested us, and he wants me to pay two million naira, that means, each month, I’ll give him fifty percent of what I’ll be making at the restaurant’ Sophia explained further.

 ‘You’re kidding right? Where on earth would you get that kind of money’? Barbie chuckled softly.

 ‘I don’t know, I am thinking of asking Oscar for help’ Sophia replied.

 ‘Not thinking, Oscar is the only way out, the guy is rich so, you won’t have any problems’ Kachi cut in.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 8

 ‘Oh my God Soph, that’s just terrible, so where’s your car’? Barbie asked.

‘Oh, I should pick that up, I hope no harm has come to it’  Sophia replied.

 ‘Good, I think  Miss know all is right, Oscar is the only way out’ Barbie smiled mischievously, she had a plan. This would break his relationship with her sister.

 ‘Don’t insult me Barbie, just stay in your lane, okay’? Kachi hissed.

 ‘Okay, let me shower and get dressed, I’ll pick up my car and move to his house’ Sophia felt better.

… To be continued!

You’ve been reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 8

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