The pain ebbed away quickly and was replaced by intense pleasure, she never experienced something so sweet as that.

 Her insides cried for released as Lekan increased his pace.

 He loved the way she moaned underneath him, he loved where they were going, to the grove of pleasure, a place reserved for only lovers.

 ‘I love you’ he cried as he released.

The world stopped. The clouds gathered, carols echoed, the breeze climbed into the studio and it rained love.

 ‘I’m sorry I hurt you’ he smiled down at her.

 ‘I love you too’ she smiled shyly.

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‘Did you like it’? he asked.

 ‘I’ve never felt that way before, I feel so happy being with you Lekan’ she caressed his cheeks.

 ‘Yes love’. He replied.

‘You know what? I think I’ll forgive Barbie, there’s no point holding on to anger but I may never be close to her’ Sophia decided.

 ‘Better’ he kissed her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Two days had passed and she hadn’t spoken to her sister. She had made up her mind to go see her at the hospital.

 ‘Are you sure you can do this alone’? Lekan asked as she packed his bags, he was leaving for the Competition.

 ‘Yes baby, I would be strong, I promise’ she kissed him.

 ‘I promise to bring you the trophy’ he had decided to use his mother’s painting for the competition as she had earlier suggested. But he still called it  ‘THE SOPHIA’.

 ‘Good boy, now run along’ she teased him.

 ‘I’ll be back for you, make sure you plan the Christmas party well’ he kissed her and walked out the door.

 ‘I love you so much’ she whispered as he left for the airport. She realized how empty her life had been for such a long time till Lekan showed up. He was now a part of her. Nothing would tear them apart, she prayed.

 ‘Time to go’ she dressed up and fetched her car keys, she needed to speak to her sister.

 ‘I dropped the list for the party for you ‘ she hugged Mrs Olaitan who was knitting a cardigan.

 ‘You look awesome Soph, Lekan takes good care of you’ the old woman smiled.

 ‘Thanks Ma’m’ she returned the smile.

 ‘I’m knitting Cardigan for the babies to come’ the woman sounded excited.

 ‘What babies’? Sophia raised her brows.

 ‘You and Lekan would get married and have babies’ she said.

 ‘Oh, see you later then’ she rushed out wondering why the old woman was being mischievous. She imagined getting married to Lekan and decided she loved the idea, having his children would make her so happy.

 She felt suddenly nervous as she arrived the hospital.

 ‘I can do this, I can forgive her’ she spoke to herself and climbed down from the car.

 ‘You look awesome Soph, Lekan takes good care of you’ Kachi gasped as she walked into the room.

 ‘I miss you Kachi’ she hugged her friend, but her sister wasn’t there.


 ‘Where is she’? Sophia asked.

 ‘She ran away, I can’t find her’ Kachi decided to play a prank on her friend.

‘No, she can’t run away, what if something bad happens to her, listen I get she was a bitch and slept with those men but if those men really loved me, if they trusted me, they wouldn’t have fallen for her’ Sophia was a bit annoyed.

 ‘I’m here Soph’ Barbie stepped out from the bathroom.

 ‘Come here Barbs’ she opened her arms for her sister.

 ‘I’m going to cry’ Kachi smiled. Sophia was an angel.

 ‘I’m so sorry Soph, I’m sorry I hurt you and ruined your relationships’ Barbie sobbed in her sister’s arms.

 ‘I love you Barbie, that’s what matters’ Sophia replied.

 ‘I feel ashamed’ Barbie cried harder.

 ‘I have forgiven you but things wouldn’t go smoothly between us for a while. You broke my trust, you broke my heart and to gain it back, you have to earn it’ Sophia explained.

 ‘I know, I prepared myself for this, all I needed was your forgiveness. I feel peace right now looking at you’ she nodded.

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‘Good’ Sophia smiled.

 ‘Let me have my bath, I would be back’ Barbie wiped her face and smiled.

‘Run along baby sis’ Sophia shooed her.

 ‘You look more beautiful and confident, tell me, what does Lekan do to you’? Kachi smiled, she was loving this new version of her friend.

 ‘He loves me so much, I am so happy Kachi’ she said.

 ‘I can see that. I wish I found my Mr Right’ Kachi said.

 ‘You will, you definitely will, and when you do, you would be so happy’ Sophia drew her in for a hug.

 ‘You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for’ Kachi hugged her back.

 ‘Thanks Kachi’ she replied.

 ‘I’ll be celebrating this Christmas’ Sophia was excited.

 ‘Why? You hate Christmas’ Kachi was amazed, so many things had changed with Soph.

 ‘Not anymore. Love happened at Christmas’ Sophia laughed.

 ‘Why do I have a feeling you’ve lost your virginity’? Kachi narrowed her brows.

 ‘Hey don’t start, I’m not telling you a thing’ Sophia knew how naughty Kachi could be.

‘Well I guess I can shout it out loud’ Kachi winked.

 ‘Love happened at Christmas’! they both chorused and fell on each other laughing.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Final Episode


‘Welcome to Sophia’s kitchen, we would be doing something special today, apart from dancing, eating and laughing, we want to give everyone the chance to come up here and say something nice to their loved one’ the M.C announced.

‘I’m loving this chocolate cake, taste awesome’ Kachi took a bite and offered some to Barbie who had become her new friend.

‘I hate cakes Kachi’ Barbie declined.

‘Why did you even come for this party? You are a kill joy’ Kachi snorted.

‘Okay let’s play a game, look at those cakes over there, the first to finish a cake would pay the other person fifty thousand naira’ Barbie decided to have some fun.

‘If you’re too shy to tell me you’re broke then I’m sorry friend, I cannot help you’ Kachi teased.

‘You said I’m a kill joy, let’s go have some fun’ she rushed towards the cake and Kachi joined her.

‘We’re going to cause a scene’ Kachi chuckled softly.

‘This is Christmas, sh*t is allowed’ Barbie smiled and devoured her cake.


‘I think my niece is going crazy’ Aunt Davina watched as Barbie and Kachi ate like they’d escaped prison.

‘Ah, you should leave them be, they’re young and wild and free’ Mrs Olaitan replied.

‘Have you seen Sophia’? Aunt Davina asked, she had been more than thrilled to  see her niece had gotten herself a fine young man.

‘I haven’t set my eyes on Lekan all morning, those two are always so naughty’ Mrs Olaitan winked.

‘I hope he doesn’t get Sophia pregnant’ Aunt Davina replied.

‘That would be a good thing, I’ve already knitted five baby cardigans’ the older woman said.

‘He has to marry her first, I’m very old fashioned’ Aunt Davina insisted.

‘Surely he will’ Mrs Olaitan danced briefly to the carol that was played.

‘You look like a wounded chicken’ Aunt Davina chuckled.

‘I do not care, I love to dance when it’s Christmas’. The old woman laughed.


You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Final Episode

‘Lekan, you have to stop, we need to join the others’ she tried to push him away.

‘Are you angry that my painting wasn’t picked’? he winked at her

‘No, that would be shallow, stop being mischievous, you know what you’re trying to do’ she tried to push him away.

‘I can’t get enough of you, I want you Soph’ he caressed her face.

‘Not now Lekan’ she had to escape him somehow.

‘Okay when’? he asked.

‘Soon’ she smiled and stormed out of the room the moment she had the chance.

This made him laugh so hard. She was upset about something he could tell but he couldn’t place his finger on it.

 He pulled out the box from his pocket, there was no better time to do this than on Christmas day.


‘What are you girls doing’? Sophia was amazed .

‘Cake competition’ Barbie replied already feeling nauseous.

‘Someone would land in the hospital I bet you’ Sophia shook her head.

‘Not me’ Kachi coughed and pointed at the stage.

‘There’s your man’

Sophia followed the direction of Kachi’s finger and found Lekan on the stage holding the mic? What did he think he was doing?

‘Attention everybody’ he called. The music came off and everyone turned and faced him.

‘Sophia please join me on stage’ he beckoned to her.

‘He is totally proposing’ Barbie was happy for her sister.

‘He is not, who proposes at a Christmas party’? Kachi differed.

‘Let’s bet’ Barbie suggested.

‘Ten naira’ Kachi winked and Barbie chuckled.


What was Lekan up to? She wondered.

‘All my life, I have been this bitter and mean person. My world was filled with gloom and defeat. Then one night I stepped out of the supermarket and found out that this beautiful woman here bashed my car’ the crowd laughed.

‘Yes, she bashed my car, I got so angry and I did something unmanly, but she forgave me nevertheless, we became friends and something more. The point is, I found an amazing woman, a mother, a friend,  a partner in Sophia. She’s my pillar.’ He kissed her head.

‘I want to marry her’ he fetched the box from his pocket.

‘Lekan’! she was breathless.

You are reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Final Episode

‘Will you marry me’? he went on his knees.

‘Say yes’ the crowd jeered.

‘Yes’ she replied and hugged him.

‘I love you Sophia, whatever I did to upset you forgive me’ he whispered.

‘You didn’t upset me. I haven’t seen my period yet.’ She whispered.

‘Good news then’ he kissed her and slipped the ring on her finger.

‘I told you he will marry her’ Mrs Olaitan smiled.

‘You knew about this didn’t you?’ Aunt Davina chuckled.

The Party went on well, they ate, they laughed and made merry.

You’ll agree with me, that Christmas season is the best of them all.

The End!

You’ve been reading: Love Happened at Christmas- Final Episode 

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