The Harmattan season is finally here and its effect has already started showing on our body. Its numerous adverse effects include, but not limited to, dryness of skin, accompanied by cracking of the lips and sole of the feet and hair breaking. In all of these, people with dry skin are the ones that are mostly hit by the harsh weather.

Since our skin and hair react differently to changes in weather, ladies especially experience hair breakage during harmattan because of the harsh nature of the weather.

However, the good news is, there are proven tips you can follow to ensure that your body and hair retain their textures during this period.

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The best way to maintain your skin this season is to avoid dry skin by using oil-based lotion, they are better than normal cream. Avoid unnecessary exposure of the skin to dry air, wearing of sunglasses is also essential. These are simple ways to protect you from the harsh weather.

The more you wash your hair, the more it gets stripped of its oil and dries out. So, washing your hair twice or three times a week will make some sense.

– Oiling your hair every day with hair cream mixed with olive oil, coconut oil or Shea butter will help make the hair healthier during this season. Locally made shea butter is a nutritional cream that is very good for the hair; it prevents flaking of the hair, split ends and dry hair.

– Make sure you let your hair free most of the time. Tying your hair back in a ponytail or wearing a hat all the time will only add to stress on the hair follicle. This stress can then result in hair breakage or hair loss.

– Do not leave your weave or braids on for a too long time, try as much as possible to change it at least twice a month.

–  Eat more vegetables and fruits that can provide you with the daily vitamins and minerals that you need. Eat three meals a day or five little ones, and keep to a regular healthy eating routine.

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– To maintain your body oil during this season, it is advisable to use mild moisturising soap or body and always apply body oil to retain moisture on the skin and feet after bath. Do not completely dry your skin after shower; about 10 percent of moisture is retained if you apply cream on damp skin. You can pour few drops of oil into water before bath if you prefer.

– Note that hydrating creams and lotion are best for all skin types this season. Remember to also apply hand cream during the day and at night before going to bed.

–  For the lovers of facial cleansers and toners, ensure you do away with the ones that contain alcohol or astringents and go for cleansers and toners with neutral PH of 5.5. In addition, moisturise your face after cleansing.

On a final note, to balance your beauty regime for the season, every lady should always apply lip balm or lip salve before lipstick and if you prefer lip gloss apply after lipstick. The guys should also invest in a lip balm for a non-glossy moisturised lip.



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