“Look at your neighbor, the one sitting next to you and tell him or her, “I see God in you”. Those were the words of Pastor Richard at church. I didn’t have a problem with what he said during his sermon, my problem was with the one sitting beside me.

Makinde Benson – Episode 1

Marian was in my bed last night. As a matter of fact, I just met her last night while I was out drinking with the guys.

Before I knew it, we were already in my bed, having crazy sex. I woke up this morning already late for church and to my surprise, she wanted to follow me to church. Now there she was, seated right beside me. I was expected to tell her “I see God in you” after a one night stand.

Well, as awkward as it was, I could definitely handle it. I knew nothing about her, just her name and I wasn’t ready to know anything about her.

Relationship is not my thing. I have sex when I want, I drink when I want and go to church when I want. I answer to no one and the city where I live is not my home.

My name is Makinde Benson… Everybody calls me ‘Benson’, ‘Ben’ for short. I have been in Lagos for about a year now and I’m living the life that I had always wanted. I have been able to make a few friends who also seem to be honest in their dealings. Well, all a man needs in life with regards to friends are honest people.

Talking about friends. Justin is one who I consider a brother because he practically knows everything about me. He is the type of friend that you are comfortable sharing stuff with. He won’t force or persuade you to say anything but with his way of listening, you feel that he actually understands you. You can generally just trust him.

Unlike Justin, Kelechi is more or less a coward, he looks away when trouble comes and runs. He is the guy who will call for a drink up and make noise about it till we all show up, but a bottle of a Snapp is enough to get him drunk. However, we like his company because he makes us laugh and finds everything funny.

The last but not least, Rachel. Adorable as she is, she needs no guy in her life. She has never dated before and nothing shows that she is really ready for any kind of relationship. Just like me, she is sweet, funny and had everything any guy would want in a girlfriend.

These are the people I roll with. These are the kind of friends I have.

You Are Reading: Makinde Benson – Episode 1

Church service was over and I was really glad about it. At least, I can see Joan off now. Her exit from my life has been long overdue. It was supposed to be just a one night stand and not a revival to bless it with thanksgiving service. Ok yeah, we hooked up last night and had sex but that’s it! You following me to Church was never part of the plan. I mean, who does that?

As if I had not had enough for one day, just as we were about leaving the church premises, Pastor Richard stopped me.

“Hey Benson, how are you doing?” He asked.

“Very well Pastor, I really enjoyed your sermon today, I must say, I was very touched.” I said it like I meant it. I just wanted to play nice and get out. After all, my days at the church were numbered. I have been there for two months, one more month and I’m off to another church.

That was my lifestyle; After all, it’s the same God everywhere. So I’m free to go to any church I want.

Before I came to this particular church, I was at Covenant Assembly, and gosh, that Church was blessed with beautiful ladies. I must admit it was the only church I wished their service would last the entire day. But the bad thing was, I couldn’t even summon up the courage to talk to any of them.

This Church is different. Asides Pastor Richard who is a young pastor, the rest are just old people. I even wonder why I have been able to stay here this long. The youngest girl here who is actually a singer too, is not even attractive. She comes to church with an oversize Kaftan with a side slit and a turban on her head, as if she’s saving her hair for bald men.

I thought I was going be released after commending Pastor Richard on his sermon, I didn’t know I was actually digging my own grave.

“Oh, thank you Brother in Christ, I actually had a revelation last night; that’s why I choose today’s theme. Anyway, I see you brought your potential to church today.” He said.

“My what….?” I wish I could have said that aloud. This pastor sef! What’s his own? Is he doing matchmaking or what? I kept asking myself.

Just when I was about redeeming myself, Marian interrupted the conversation.

“Wow Pastor, You are really bless with the gift of prophecy, I am actually betrothed to him, just that he doesn’t know it yet.” She said.

Was I dreaming? Did she just say what I heard her say? She has already grown wings, what in the world does she mean by that?

“Hehe Pastor, she is actually a very good friend of mine, She is just joking.” I quickly chipped in.

“No I’m not, your father has sent me here, to bring you back home. It’s time for you to mount your throne Benson. Your people back home await you. My king” She revealed.

I was stunned with her words. I stood there speechless.

… To Be Continued

You Have Been Reading: Makinde Benson – Episode 1

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