I was stunned, there must be a mistake. The policemen were not listening to me… I was quickly handcuffed and led away.

Makinde Benson – Episode 14

With no explanation whatsoever, I was taken to the police station where I was made to write a statement and was immediately put behind bars.

From what I gathered at the station, Kelechi had officially made a report to the police, right after I confronted him at the hospital. The fact that I had openly threatened him meant I was answerable to any harm that befell him subsequently. It was rather unfortunate and coincidental that right after he left the police station, he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver.

I was thus placed behind bars, because of the harmless threat I had made. That was a big lesson to me though. No matter how angry I was, I should have chosen my words carefully. I was now being held accountable for the things I said.

One full day after I was arrested and there was no word from Kirsten’s mother, the pastor, Kirsten herself or my mother. I didn’t even know if Derin had been discharge or was still at the hospital. It sure looked like I had been neglected or something.

I was completely alone in this miserable place, just because of what I said. Worst of all was I had this other cellmate who kept bothering me over and over again. And much as I complained to the officers, they turned deaf ears towards me.

In the middle of night, this other cellmate had tried to come on to me. I gathered he was actually “GAY”. I began to feel sorry for myself. This definitely had to do with Marian’s curse, there was no doubt about it. How else do you explain a harmless human like me going through all these troubles within a short period of time?

You Are Reading: Makinde Benson – Episode 14

I needed help. I needed someone to take this cup away from me. It was too much for me. I didn’t want to be king and that led me to this place. My lustful desires also brought curses on me and the people around me. As the reality of my situation ran through my mind, I began shedding tears and weeping. Everything that had happened seemed to have something to do with me.

I literally cried like a baby and in that moment, I found myself talking to God in prayer. My first honest and true prayer. I prayed and asked for forgiveness from God. I took responsibility for my part in the misery and calamity that had befallen me. I prayed over and over again and didn’t even realize that I was praying at the top of my voice.

My other cellmates stood there and laughed at me but I wasn’t discouraged. I prayed for over 45 minutes and amazingly, as soon I finished, I felt a heavy burden lift from me. It was as if everything was alright.

I felt joy I had not felt in a long while. I just had the feeling that everything was going to be alright and that I was in this place for a reason. I was yet to find out what exactly the purpose was but I had a confident assurance that it was all good.

Soon, a call came from an officer that I had a visitor. What a relief! I was amused though… Is this how God works or is it just a coincidence? Whichever it was, all thanks be to God.

I went out and there my mother was, alongside Kirsten’s mother. Their sudden friendship and bond surprised me a lot. My mother was in a wheelchair but I was happy that she was alive and had been discharged from the hospital.

She burst into tears when she saw me coming out of the cell. Which mother wouldn’t do that? But I met her with a smile. I was made to talk to her from behind the counter.

“Mum, how are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m very fine, what did you do to your friend? I know you are not capable of harming anyone.” She asked.

You Are Reading: Makinde Benson – Episode 14

“I did nothing really. It’s my fault however. We got in a fight and I made a harmless threat. The words I uttered brought me here.” I said.

“Don’t worry, we are working very hard to get you out of here in no time.” Kirsten’s mother came in.

“But I want you to thank your mother for me, she has permitted me to continue to stay at the house as long as I want.” said Kirsten’s mother.

Wow! I was surprised my mother would actually do that. But even with this, I could see that Kirsten’s mother was not happy. She had a sad look on her face when she should have been rejoicing over my mother’s benevolence.

Curiosity they say kills the cat, so I asked. “It’s everything alright? You don’t look so happy.”

“Oh it’s nothing” She nervously answered. Then my mother quickly interrupted, “Oh, I’m sure she is not used to this place, that’s all” said my mother.

I frowned. How long had the two known each other for my mother to step in for her like this? I knew there was something fishy going on. It was obvious that they were hiding something from me.

“Can you tell me what is really going on? There’s something you’re not telling me.” I desperately asked.

“Hmmmn” Kirsten’s mother sighed. She wouldn’t say more until my mother broke the news to me.

“Ever since you got arrested, no one has seen or heard from her daughter, Kirsten. She is missing, we don’t know where she is” my mother said.

I couldn’t believe my ears… What happened? Where could Kirsten possibly be?


You Have Been Reading: Makinde Benson – Episode 14

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