An India man addicted to gambling and alcohol, bet his wife after running out of money and allowed his friends and relative to gangrape her after losing the stake.

The incident took place in Jaunpur district and after the incident, the victim went to court when the police refused to take action on her complaint. Following a court order, an FIR has been registered in Jaffarabad police station in Jaunpur district.

The victim, who lives in the Zafarabad police station area, claimed that her husband was an alcoholic and had put her on stake while gambling.

Reports claimed her husband’s friend Arun and relative Anil often visit their house for drinking and gambling. One particular day, last month, her husband put her on stake while gambling with Anil and Arun. On losing, Arun and Anil gang-raped her.

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After the incident, the victim went to her maternal uncle’s house. Her husband followed her there, asking for forgiveness and said that it was a mistake.

After he apologised, she went back with him in his car. On their way, her husband stopped the car and allowed his friends to gangrape her once again.

When the woman complained to the police, they refused to file a complaint, following which, the victim approached the court. The court ordered police to register a case of gangrape.

Recall that last week, shocking footage was revealed which showed a three-year-old girl being abducted from an Indian railway station as she was sleeping.

She was then taken from the Tatanagar railway station in Jharkhand state’s Jamshedpur city and allegedly gang-raped and beheaded by two men.

One of the alleged killers, Rinku Sahu, recently left prison after serving time for kidnapping a child and attempting to kill her in 2015.

Rinku and his friend Kailash, both in their thirties, allegedly told the police they gang-raped the child over a day and strangled her because she wouldn’t stop crying.


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