A Florida man allegedly shot his estranged wife and her parents in front of the couple’s 5-year-old twins after finding a video on her cell phone that showed her having sex with his best friend, according to police.

“Please come help me. Please, please, please,” a woman’s voice pleads from inside the home where the shooting occurred on New Year’s Day, as heard in a 911 call obtained by People from the Melbourne Police Department.

In the background, a man’s loud curses are heard as he says “shoot me in the head,” while a child’s voice pleads, “No, daddy, no, I don’t want anyone to die” and “don’t shoot mommy,” the 911 recording reveals.

Seconds later a woman’s voice screams out, “Run baby, run!”

Neighbours said the woman and her children recently had moved into her parents’ Melbourne home, where all three adults were shot, after the woman and the shooting suspect separated.

“She’d been having some issues with her husband and she was staying at her mother’s house, ”neighbour Phil McMahon told the outlet. “He showed up with a gun and he started shooting everybody.”

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Authorities who responded to the 911 calls coming from the home and neighbours about 3 p.m. Tuesday arrested William Brian Stillwell, 39. He faces three charges of felony attempted murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, armed burglary and two charges of child abuse, police say.

Stillwell allegedly showed up at his in-laws’ residence with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol “unannounced” and “entered the fenced-in backyard without permission,” then refused his father-in-law’s request to leave before shooting him in the yard, police state in an incident report.

As the injured man retreated to a neighbour’s home for help, Stillwell’s mother-in-law came outside and was herself shot in the elbow and abdomen, police say.

Inside the house, his estranged wife was shot in the left kneecap, “rendering her immobile” as a dropped phone continued to record the commotion overheard on the 911 audio, according to the incident report.

Police later found the gun that was used in the attack near a living room couch.

After his arrest, Stillwell told police he’d recently discovered a sex video on his wife’s cell phone where he saw her cheating on him … with his best friend.

A neighbour, Phil McMahon told WFTV: “I don’t know how the father got involved, but he got shot.

“He came over to my house, told me to call 911. He got shot in the hip, was bleeding.”

The children escaped uninjured, police have confirmed.

Stillwell is being held in the Brevard County jail after a judge denied him bail. Public records did not indicate whether he had entered a formal plea or identify an attorney who might speak on his behalf.

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