Man stabs wife over money for Christmas shopping’


A Kenyan man, Daniel Sikuku, has on Wednesday been arrested after allegedly stabbing his wife after they had a disagreement over money which she wanted in order to foodstuffs for Christmas celebration.

It was reported that Sikuku stabbed his wife in the shoulder with a kitchen knife at their Angorom Village home after she requested for Ksh1, 500 (N5,345.76) to buy foodstuff for Christmas Day.

Sikuku, who has been arrested told police that he had told his wife that he did not have the money she was requesting for, but she wasn’t interested in his excuses.

“My wife was preparing vegetables at the time when she asked for the money, and I told her that I couldn’t raise it, given the hard economic times I am going through, she threw away what she was cooking and it led to a fight,” said Sikuku.

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The suspect says he reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed the woman in the shoulder.

“I lost my cool and mind,” said Sikuku.

His wife’s screams for help caught the attention of neighbours, who rushed to Sikuku’s home and rescued the victim.

Sikuku was, thereafter, beaten by the irate neighbours before he was handed over to the police.

The victim, who needed medical treatment, refused to press formal charges. She instead opted to leave her matrimonial home.

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