Why didn’t this rich tooth fairy visit me as a child? Farrah Abraham was so excited to return home to Austin, Texas, after her time in London on Celebrity Big Brother UK that she gave her daughter, Sophia, a very special present from a very loaded Tooth Fairy. 

tooth fairy2

“ToothFairy presents were epic! #schoolTime Sophia got an amazing ToothFairy bracelet @lilah_sandra priceless!” the Teen Mom OG star, 24, captioned photos of her 6-year-old daughter showing off her new haul. But it wasn’t the custom bracelet or even the “glitter dust” that raised a few eyebrows it was the wad of notes in her hand.

tooth fairy3

In the photos, Sophia holds up a stack of British pounds, which Abraham claims add up to £900. Enjoy yourself little one and remember to pay your tithes.


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