Mikel Obi made a whooping N800 Million from Amstel Malta advert


Mikel Obi

Endorsements can be real good business! I’m waiting for someone  to throw one my way o

Yes, Nigerian footballer Mikel Obi makes quite a lot of money from Chelsea with his £75,000 weekly salary but many didn’t know he made a whooping sum of N800Million with his Amstel Malta deal.

In March 2014, Mikel Obi and Nollywood actress Geneveive Nnaji were unveiled as Amstel Malta ambassadors and according to AfricanFootball.com, the footballer made a whooping $4 million from the deal.

“Mikel hit it rich with the Amstel Malta advert as he will pocket about 800 million Naira over a number of years,” the website reports.

About Geneveive Nnaji’s take home, the site says “Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji, who also did another Amstel commercial, will pocket about half that amount.”


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