Before I point out these flaws in Nigerian parenting, I would like to appreciate all African parents who did a good job on us…now most of us are grown and responsible and happy with ourselves. THANK YOU!…But there is no perfection in mortality…

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Some African parents over pamper their kids, they don’t flog them or yell at them when necessary, and if a teacher or an usher tries to discipline their spoilt child they become angry. this is common with households with an only child, an only female or an only male child.


Everything should be done in moderation, don’t pamper and don’t be a lion… don’t abuse your kids physically in the name of flogging…you’ll only succeed in pushing your child away.., Many things happen to children/teenagers… they may get raped or pregnant or they are being bullied and need your advice, your warmth… but when you don’t provide a comfortable environment for these kids to air out their hearts… you have failed…

stop deceiving yourself in the name of being a disciplinarian….most over strict parents raise up perfect liars, pretenders or geeks…(social misfit)

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A situation where a parent favours one child more than the other and make this very obvious.

Mummy likes Ada, so even when Ada is obviously wrong, Mummy overlooks but if it is Uchenna…hia! see beatings…

This would only lead to Sibling rivalry and divide the kids further..,

That is why Chinwetalu Agu always goes to a shrine to get juju for one of his brothers(you get?#winks)

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“You are a goat! ebot mkpo! useme! nton! Abaya! Ode! Ewu!”

And when Musa starts behaving like a goat…failing and repeating classes…you begin to wonder why?

Don’t use abusive words…just speak to your child, correct him…don’t curse him… Train with love…

Name calling is very powerful, your child is what you pronounce him to be… if you call him a great man, then great he shall be…but if a fool…?????

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Maybe you wanted to be a doctor and somehow your village people no free(kidding)

Now, Idongesit is all grown up…he sees himself as a painter…and you force him to study medicine…

I understand your fears as parents considering the Nigerian job situation… you want your child to go professional so he wouldn’t be jobless…I get it….

Maybe you are right? I’ll never know…

Whatever you do, make sure your intentions are pure, don’t force your child!


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