Mpho Nyane is a cancer survivor who agains all odds believed in the power of her vision and fulfiling her dreams


Mpho was told by her lecturers that she will never make it because of her disability.

She tweeted, “On the first day I went to UJ, a lecturer told my parents and I that I wouldn’t make it because of my disability. But look at God, I made it. Never Give up on your goals!!!. UJGraduate

Interestingly,mphon made the dress she wore at her graduation.

Mpho’s sister took to her timeline to shower encomium and praise her sister for being a strong personality.

She wrote: “You are a cancer survivor… now you are UJ graduate…I cannot imagine how life must’ve been for you, but seeing you graduate today filled me with so much joy. You’re such a courageous, ambitious and beautiful person. You’re an example of what it means to live a fearless life.

There is actually no room to fail,if mphon can do it,you also can do it



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