Davido's Baby mama Drama

An Italian proverb says that Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes. Yes, it looks like Davido and his baby mama Sophia Momodu who have been in an open scuffle for the custody of their baby Imade have raised the olive branch… But at what cost??? We all saw the photo Sophia’s uncle, the famous Ovation publisher Dele Momodu posted on instagram on Saturday, the one of Sophia and baby Imade bonding in Davido’s father’s house. He captioned the image ‘All is well that ends well.’

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and I could only just SMH! As I reflected on the entire drama that kept entertained us on social media plus all the memes and comments it generated, there are a few things I realised:

That many people think it is ok to become a baby daddy or baby mama as long as your wallet is full of cash.

That many people especially ladies who followed the embarrasing details of the story will still find themselves in the same situation despite the glaring lessons from the scuffle.
Valentines day is in a few weeks and many guys will still end up being baby daddies by November thus setting the stage for another new year baby drama.

For me however, it wasn’t just entertainment; I learnt a few lessons which I will gladly share with you simply because a world free from babby daddy and baby mama drama starts with you and I.

Now, grab your notepads!

  • If he aint your husband, ladies keep those legs shut together like a maximum security prison- What if he has introduced me to his family and even proposed? Even if you’ve met his ancestors and he proposed to you with the Titanic as your gift? Girl, if he hasn’t walked you down that aisle and exchanged the sacred vows of marriage before God, it’s not worth the risk. For guys on the other hand, please save us all the drama and zip up till marriage biko. Y’all will have your ‘fun’ and when the chips are down we start hearing about how you were only 21 years old when you impregnated a 27 year old woman. I’m guessing that 21 year old man doesn’t know the location of the zipper in his pants abi?! Very Flimsy excuse.


  • Getting Pregnant for a man doesn’t lead to automatic marriage – I am really baffled at people who still think that getting pregnant for a man will increase his love for them and ultimately lead to marriage. Hehe, I laugh in Russian. So, Sophia Momodu claims that Davido loved her when they procreated, what now happened to the love? Pregnancy out of wedlock is not a guarantee oooo Hian! Go ask Hagar the first baby mama in the Bible. Even though Sarah supported her ‘transaction’ with Abraham initially, when Isaac showed up, she was shown out the door but for God who mercifully provided for her and saw her through. Even the Nigerian law states that preganancy is not a grounds for marriage though new laws ensure that baby daddies take care of the children but more often than not, baby mamas don’t get upgraded to wives. Will Sophia and Davido ever walk down the aisle? Question for the gods.


  • Being a baby mama is not a job! Get up and do something dignifying with your life – So, after some people heard the amount of money Davido gives Sophia Momodu monthly, they started considering halting their dreams of getting an education or leaving their 9am to 5pm job to become baby mamas who just take care of children and get paid like Bank executives. How about becoming a nanny for a wealthy family? I pity some people!


  • Keep your personal business personal.The social media loves being entertained and only a few people actually care about your problems but many celebrities and public figures fail to realise this. There was no need to have Davido and Sophia’s business on social media. Uncle Dele Momodu knew the appropriate quaters to report the ‘abduction’ incident to. Davido even made things worse by publishing the medical report that allegedly proved that Sophia Momodu indeed had cannabis in her system. So one day, Imade will grow up and google out the silly mistake her parents made by airing their briefs in public. Chai!


  • When two elephants fight it is the grass that suffers. At the end of the day and with everything that happened, baby Imade is the one worst hit. The 8-month-old now has health defects arising from being exposed to cannabis and what not. I think that is most unfair, Every child has the right to good parental care and protection from danger. Davido and Sophia failed to do those and the innocent child is paying for it with intensive trips to the hospital. My people, I tire o.


Anyway, looking forward, I hope both parents grow up and step up to their responsibilities as parents peacefully. For the rest of us, there is a path that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction. Let him/her who has ears hear!


  1. This is for David baby mama . God has fight for u , so now is ur turn to be a good person . If not for God u and ur baby would have being separated so be wise David take of ur family nomatter any word u talk nor go fit change watiin day ground now .

  2. Is lyk our celebrities dnt usually use cd on their soul calmers n 4 dat dey get pregnant easily 4 dem., pls am tired of hearing baby mama n didn’t davido see dat d girl was too old 4 him we he was sleeping with her @Ganiyu

  3. when my baby drama was going on not a soul heard it, a beg make Cuba go sleep.anytime you inspiration for music dies una go bring up one stupid act then after that una go come use the drama compose one stupid song, then some stupid and headless people go come buy am again then make una again,just like don jazzy and olamide, now na wizkid and dammy crane before u no dem go compose song with with the stupid issue they made up for people to believe,thank God I don’t promote stupid ,crazy artists like them,#tubaba# has always been the man that inspires me to listen to Nigeria music.others are dope smokers .

  4. How on earth will you get pregnant for a guy that’s not married to you the fault is from the gal we all ladies no when to get pregnant we can have unprotected sex Ned still prevent pregnancy she thought that child wuld make Davido marry her no my dear am happy other gals can see this if you like get belle no assurance say he go marry you Ned you’ll end up being a baby mama and the innocent will just be in dah crazy drama of theirs gals be wise lesson for the day

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  6. Stop pretending Owen or watever u call, if u where in her shoes who happen to have davido as ur boyfriend, and it happen u are pregnant for him, even if he ask u to abort it am very much sure u won’t do such, coz u will make sure to track him wit d pregnant, here u are blaming d lady, go jor yeye pretender, u nd I know u can’t have opportunity which d gal has jealousy

  7. she is doing a vry nyc thing she let celebrities impregnated her because she want shows the world that she make sacrifice

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  10. Owen Na jealousy dey worry u, yeye stop crying coz no be she say make u no get luck to see celebrities guy to impregnate you, moreover u can’t u see coz u are too disgustin foolish gal, Lagos street hawker


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