Often times major TV networks are faced with the decision of what movie or movies from their lineup ranging from sitcoms to fantasy dramas that would make it to the next season.

Well, it’s not easy for any TV show whether new or returning to avoid been axed; Some start out strong and end up losing viewers over time, while others just can’t make it work in their freshman season.

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In the coming months, all five major TV networks will have to decide which entries will be dropped.

See some movies that may be axed after this season

The Blacklist

Movies that may be axed after this Season

NBC’s The Blacklist was a solid performer for the network in its first three seasons, but Season 4 earned significantly lower ratings, with a poor 1.1 score in the 18-49 demographic. Given its successful history on the network, NBC probably won’t be too quick to pull the plug. But if things don’t turn around, the drama could be in danger of cancellation after this season.

Scream Queens

Movies that may be axed after this Season

Fox’s horror comedy earned a second season renewal, largely because it made up for soft ratings with significant DVR and on-demanding viewing. But this season hasn’t been quite as successful. So far, the sophomore season of the series is falling well below last year’s average in live viewership and demographic score and unlike last season, its DVR viewership isn’t adding much. Right now, its future remains a toss-up, but if the show can’t stabilize in the upcoming weeks, it might find itself in jeopardy of cancellation.


Movies that may be axed after this Season

Two seasons in and Quantico is not the strong performer it once was. The ABC drama has struggled in ratings in recent weeks, scoring middling viewership and a low average of 0.75 in the key demographic throughout its sophomore season. To be fair, the show likely owes some of its decline to a change in time slot, having been moved from Sunday nights to Monday nights for Season 2.

Whether ABC will decide to give it one more chance in a different slot remains to be seen, but the show certainly isn’t a sure bet for renewal this time around.

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The Exorcist

Movies that may be axed after this Season

Given the classic predecessor it has to live up to, The Exorcist earned surprisingly decent reviews in the lead up to its premiere. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fared anywhere near as well in viewership. The Fox show didn’t exactly come out swinging in its premiere and it fell another 40% in the following week. Of course, it’s early on, so it still has a chance to rebound, but if it doesn’t improve, it could find itself on the chopping block at the end of the season.


Movies that may be axed after this Season

Fox’s drama managed to earn a second season renewal last year, despite terrible reviews and average ratings. But things have changed this time around. The second season of Rosewood is averaging a 0.73 rating in the 18–49 demographic and drawing an average audience of 3.30 million viewers. Compared to its first season that means Season 2 is down by 31% in its average total audience. The decrease could signal the show’s potential end, although a decision has yet to be announced.

Secrets and Lies

Movies that may be axed after this Season

It was kind of surprising that ABC decided to bring Secrets and Lies back for a sophomore season, considering that it was billed as a one-off miniseries and didn’t earn great ratings. Unfortunately, Season 2 is proving to be even more disappointing, earning only an average 0.7 demographic score and 3.2 million viewers so far.

Given its lackluster performance and equally poor reviews, it’s very unlikely that the drama will get a third shot from the network




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