Opposition political parties are planning to slam a joint law suit on the First lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe for abusing state resources for political campaigns. Mugabe allegedly used part of a $98 million loan Zimbabwe got from Brazil to fund her rallies in her bid to succeed her 91-year-old husband. Part of the loan includes tractors which Grace is donating to supporters on her rallies.

Peoples Democratic Party President and former finance minister Tendai Biti was quoted to have said “She (Grace) is not a member of the government; she is not an employee of the State so she has no right at all to be doing whatever she is doing… She is a Zanu PF functionary; she is not a minister, she is not a parliamentarian. So, why is she using State resources moving around with two helicopters, bringing half the cabinet at her mad meetings? It’s just insane?”

The Zimbabwe Independent says Mugabe is also donating tonnes of maize which officials say belong to the state, foodstuffs and clothes whose source of funding is “shady”. Grace recently raised US$3 million for her birthday party in July and said she would use part of it to fund her donations, but the amount of aid she is dishing out is worth much more.


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