Dear Ross T, a lot of times when I read divorce stories here, the majority of which are told by women, I wonder what it would be like if men told their divorce stories as well. Men like me have gone through hell in the hands of those we call spouses. We all learned to clam up and allow our stories to be told from the other side. Imagine catching your wife in a club as a runs babe what would you do. Wait till I finish, mine was even worse.

My name is Abraham, a native of Imo, I am a successful businessman and entrepreneur who also has lots of investments. Based on the nature of what I do, I barely had time for a stable relationship or long-term commitment. So most times, I go with the flow when it comes to women. I have a feeling they all come for my money, just as all I’m interested in is their body. I do well to enjoy myself with as many as are willing. I wouldn’t call myself a womanizer but I love women.

Due to pressure and respect for my parent’s wishes, I had to take a wife and settle down like everyone around me was pressing on me to do. Since money wasn’t an issue, finding a wife wasn’t a problem. My mistake was choosing the wrong woman as my wife.

Amanda was a girl I particularly loved to hang out with. Beautiful and eloquent with the right curves and shape to make a man lust all day. She was the favourite of all the women I used to hang out with and she showed so much promise as a wife material and so I finally proposed to her and we got married 5 months later.

In all honesty, I can’t claim to have been faithful all through the time we were married. See, I travel a lot and meet beautiful ladies everywhere I go. Once in awhile, I do like to have fun outside my marital life but I always made sure to accord my wife her respect and kept her happy in the best way I could. She wasn’t a perfect wife neither was I a perfect husband but life went on. Making money was topmost in my mind.

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Barely a year and a half later, I came home to receive news from my wife that she was feeling down with an ailment and went to see a doctor only to be told she was three weeks pregnant. I was so happy and we celebrated the news all day. Two days later, I had to travel again for an urgent and unforeseen business reason. l left home with the mind that when I get back, my wife and I would start making plans for the baby.

Things got sorted earlier than I had planned in the trip and so I took a detour with one of my business partner who said he would like us to lodge in one of the best hotels in Lagos. This my business partner happened to be an Irish man who had stayed a considerable number of years in Lagos. I knew he also likes women and I have seen him hang out with quite a number in the past.

He told me one of his old female friends was in town and he had invited her over to come chill with him at the hotel and also instructed her to come along with a friend for me. I actually had plans of my own before that but didn’t want to turn down my partner’s request, so I obliged.

After unwinding and taking a shower I went over to my partner’s presidential suite where we discussed as we waited for his female guests to arrive. 30 minutes into our discussion, he got a call that his guests had arrived and asked that they are let in.

As my business partner opened his room door to welcome and let in his friends, I heard a rather familiar laugh and that was when I saw her with her tag along. My wife catwalked into the room and that was when she saw me. The first word that escaped from my mouth was Jesus! My wife shouted mother Mary! grabbed her tag along friend and ran out of the room. My partner who was lost in all the drama that was going on asked if I knew her before. I told him yes, and said that she was an ex I once dated. Shame and disappointment wouldn’t let me admit that it was my wife he had been referring to as his friend all along. I somehow excused myself went to my rented hotel room to ponder on what I had just seen.

So my wife has been a runs babe even while being married to me and wouldn’t mind sleeping with another man with our baby in her. No, that was too unbearable to think of. I knew going home to her would mean something disastrous for us both so I stayed away from her lest I strangle her in annoyance.

I know you would say but I was also going to cheat on her as well. Maybe it’s karma, I don’t care. I couldn’t bear to think of another man ploughing the same field with me while my seed was growing in it. Divorce was the ultimate end for me. I began to doubt her claims that the baby in her was mine, so I decided that once the baby was born, I will go for a paternity test.

Out of Shame, Amanda couldn’t bring either of our families into the matter as I had threatened to disgrace her if she dared come to beg. I told my parents I had no use for her anymore and never went for the meetings they called in order to settle my issue with Amanda.

I was really hurt, it still hurts to know that a player like me got played. I don’t think I will ever again trust any woman to be tied to her in marriage. I’m back to my old ways of doing things. No wife no heartbreak. Thank you.

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  1. But you deserves what you get, you men always go for how elegant a woman is, not how she is good inside,once you are a player, you will be played,we still have good women, but you will say they are not your sad

  2. I don’t feel sorry for u. U just got served. So she is d one that deserves to be faithful while u jump around from one woman to another. Marriage is for mature minds both parties are meant to be faithful. Pls Davina don’t share this kind of divorce story next time.

  3. Do you know how many of the women u ‘have fun with ‘ who also have seeds in them? U should be ashamed of yourself for even sharing this story here. Next please…

  4. You love women, she loves men. You have not been faithful, neither has she.

    If you feel you have a right to flirt and sleep with every beautiful thing in skirt you meet in every city you travel to and still respect her, please understand that she can still cheat on you and also respect you.

    You never loved her. She was just a home maker and baby factory for you.
    Same way you hurt is how women hurt when they find out their husbands are cheat, and even more.

    You are both runs people.

    You are both wrong to defy your marriage beds and dishonor the vows you made.
    Except you agreed to make your marriage open, you are as wrong as she is.

    Sorry shaa.

  5. no wife no heartbreak….. really it’s not the end of life, wait till you are 50+, wen pple starts inviting you for their children wedding…… u guys played each other.

  6. Men won’t cease to amaze me. Do u also know that u must have slept with other men’s wives in d process,Karma is a bitch u know?

  7. DAT is not d end of d world, u can still start afresh, if u can determined to turn from bad to good wit GOD help, u will surely met d right Lady, pls don’t go back to ur old life,,,HIV is real,,, pls dere r still good ladies out dere,, change from ur bad life styles,,, pls

  8. You re a hoe and she is a hoe.this wasn’t even a marriage from the start it was all a joke and lies.this is not a divorce story bro. you just told us how you and her made a fool out of yourself’s and got served which I believe is perfect.

  9. Since You based on clubbing and flinging with girls, what else were you expecting??? You even went to the club to search for a wife!!! You could’ve asked your parents to help you with a wife, since all you know is girls. Anyway, I’m here for U

  10. I wonder why the woman wants to apologise after all you both cheated on each other. She is your best half,you don’t deserve a good girl.embrace your wife jeje😁

  11. Before u cheat on ur wife, imagine how u will feel if ur daughter’s husband cheats on her regularly and u find out.. Pls go back home and amend ur Home,work this out and b a better man.. Try to forgive even if it hard to forget,u called for it.

  12. Thank God a player like you got played that is karma for you, what is good for the geeeeeeezz is also good for the ganger

  13. You cannot sow mango and reap orange, what you sow is what you reap. And a word of advice, you better repent now before it’s too late for you, HIV is real. All these are vanity and your money cannot buy you joy or save you, only Jesus can save. God bless you.

  14. Birds of the same feathers, you didn’t hear her own side of the story and you never loved her….love forgives, you never caught her in the act and your already divorced, only a marriage built on faulty foundation ends that way.

  15. You have to change for good and look for a better person to marry. Life is too short for this kind of live you leaving.please give ur life to God

  16. It’s quite unfortunate that men feel worse when they’re cheated. What goes around comes around. The best thing is to repent and give your life to Jesus Christ. He will give you a new begining.


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