My Divorce Story 100, Folorunsho: Marriage Restored By The Grace Of God

My Divorce Story 100, Folorunsho: Marriage Restored By The Grace Of God

My name is Folorunsho and I would love to share on how my marriage got restored by the grace of God. Thank you for all the inspiring advice you give on this blog.

I got married ten years ago to Mark. He is from Edo state and I am from Ekiti State. We both worked in the same company before he got transferred out of town. Our affair started soon after and our love grew from there.  He proposed a year later and I happily agreed.
My family wasn’t completely open to an inter-tribal marriage. I sensed the same thing from my in-laws as well. Eventually, we got their consent to go ahead with our wedding.

Marriage Blues

In the duration of our marriage, it was one issue to the other. It seemed my husband was powerless to do anything except what his oldest sister told him. I faced a hard time as I tried to conceive and she never stopped tormenting me and soon my mother in law joined her. They made life hell for me and my husband just did nothing about it.
I began to go all over the place looking for a solution. in the process, I met a pastor who took special notice of me during his service. He told me where the problem was from. That my sister in law had tied my womb because she hated me. The pastor said we should embark on a fast for seven days. In that period I had nightmares and fought spirits but in the end I conceived and had twins.

I thought this would put to end all the animosity between us but she kept appearing in my dreams threatening to kill my twins. I told my husband but it offended him and he accused me of trying to come between him and his family.

Wicked sister-in-law

Shortly after, my twins became seriously ill. I panicked and took them away from the house. I returned to my home town and took them for treatment while I called the pastor who had earlier told me what I was up against. My husband told me not to return to the house anymore and that he would come for the children.

I began another session of fasting and prayers which also led to more nightmares and mysterious apparitions.  I was anxious because my marriage seemed to be over and I was in danger of losing my precious kids. But God came through for me on the last day of my fast. My sister in law suddenly slumped and died in her shop. After that, the twins recovered very fast.


By the time my husband came, they were strong. I apologized to him and he asked me to come home which I gladly did because I knew we were out of danger now.
Thank you for reading.

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My Thoughts

Thank you so much Folorunsho for sharing your marriage restoration story with us. Thank you also for giving us permission to share it.

Hmmmmmm, very interesting story. You know this is Africa and some things appear stranger than fiction. If it was truly your sister-in-law, I would have preferred she confessed and gave her life to Christ.

Anyways, at the end of the day, your marriage was restored and that is that. Now you can all learn from the past and move on. I truly believe that 80% of divorces are unnecessary and can be restored.

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Warm regards


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