Hi Davina, My marriage should have been five years this July but here I am with a divorce story. I married a womanizer who wouldn’t honour our marital vows.

My husband can sleep with anything wearing a skirt, but any time I request for sex he gives excuses
He only sleeps with me anytime he chooses, our sex life was twice or three times a month.

The worst part is that we had no issues till the time we parted ways and he was nonchalant towards it.
Maybe because he already had 2kids before I married him. He doesn’t care about me at all, he was just too selfish.

He doesn’t give me any money for my upkeep he doesn’t give me money for my hair, he only buys what he knows he will benefit from to the house. Anytime I asked for just 1k from him he will say he doesn’t have yet he spends money on his girlfriend.

Oh yeah, I got to about her because I saw in his chat that he gave her 100k. Meanwhile, I had been asking my husband for money to start a business even if he was going to loan me the money. Dear husband kept stalling me and telling me how bad work has been and salaries are being delayed, yet he was funding a side chick.

I later struggled to raise cash myself to open a shop without his kobo and he didn’t even care.

At a point, I was just confused and I wanted to know why he was treating me that way. I pleaded with him several times to tell me if I had wronged him and he was punishing me by neglecting me in every way.

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My Journey to divorce, end of the Marriage

Time wasn’t my friend anymore, I wanted to have my own children but how is that possible when my husband wouldn’t even touch me or make me feel wanted. It was as though I was married to myself, and I was better off single.

Then one day, out of curiosity I snooped on my husband because I needed answers to my situation and I wanted to know what was taking his attention away from me. So I started by searching through his phone. I got to know he was a serial cheat, I couldn’t even pin one lady to him as there were several others.

It was while I was at this, I stumbled on his chat with one lady who happens to be based overseas.
In the chat, my husband confessed to how tired he was with his current marriage and wished his wife would just get the message and leave.

He also said I was beginning to sound like a broken record whenever I brought up discussions about our childlessness. He told her he wasn’t keen on having more children but I just wouldn’t get it.

At that point, I just couldn’t read anymore, I was devastated and tears began welling up in my eyes.
All the wasted years with a man who doesn’t care about me or want to have kids with me was all I could think of.

I also knew I was capable of murder at that point if my husband was to show his face then, so I left the house for my elder sister’s place where I cried out my eyes in bitterness.

‘I thought he loved me’ was all I kept saying. I couldn’t understand how my love and devotion could be so easily betrayed. From that moment, I knew my marriage was over. I decided to get a divorce. A divorce was better than this lie I had been living. Fooling myself when the truth was right in front of my eyes all the while. I wondered if we did ever have a marriage and why he chose to marry me.

When I discussed getting a divorce, My sister adviced me against taking any drastic action. She adviced that I should discuss the things I saw with him as they might be circumstantial. Even though I knew they were not, I discussed them with him for benefit of the doubt and to see if we could still salvage the marriage.

Hubby didn’t deny the things I saw, so we agreed to a divorce. That was how I became a divorcee at 37 with no idea on how to be single again.


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