My name is Fred my and I’ve been reading divorce stories on this blog. I would love to share mine. I blame myself for the mess of a marriage I got myself into. I have also learned lessons from it; I would love to share my divorce story with you all.

My ex-wife Monica, was a beauty queen when we were in school. As expected, she lived lavishly. Her taste in men was quite high. She was not so brilliant but her beauty paved ways for her. We weren’t in the same department but her status made her popular. I didn’t see myself being her friend not to talk less of dating her.

Somehow we got talking one day during finals. We had a student’s meeting as there had been repeated complaints of theft in the hostels. She was using her office as a beauty queen to help influence the authorities. I represented my hostel. We got talking and also exchanged emails.

I was not so good looking but I was quite good in school academically. My family was just average. I wasn’t the money bag; I was just a young dude trying to graduate with good grades in order to get a good job.

After I graduated and had concluded my service, I got a good job. It was a thing of great joy for me because most of my friends had none. I was promoted rapidly because of my expertise which I learned quickly on the job. I was doing well in every aspect except that I didn’t have a girlfriend. I was in and out of relationships.

One day I went to buy some household items at a major supermarket. There I bumped into Monica. I was surprised that she was still in the country. She looked beautiful as she was when we were in school. I was even more amazed that she called me first. We greeted each other and I was aware she was impressed by my transformation. She said she worked with an NGO that handled child rights issues. I was impressed because it seemed she had begun putting her brains to work.

She appeared polite to me too unlike the proud girl she was back in school. We stepped out of the mart together and she asked if I drove and I affirmed. She nearly mouthed wow as she saw my ride. I could tell she was interested in me now. I also felt good about it. She insisted we hung out some other time and I agreed.

We began to date. I was hooked on her beauty and charms. I spoilt her with shopping trips and gadgets. I didn’t think she wanted to get married and I just wanted to enjoy myself. Well, she got pregnant in the process and insisted we got married at once. I had no issues with it because I could afford to.

I welcomed her to my home. Our baby girl arrived months later. I was excited to be a father and was hands-on in her daily life. I changed diapers and fed her when she cried. Monica, on the other hand, was rather laid back with the child. She seemed more interested in looking good and all that.

She made demands for herself all the time. A new car, new sets of jewellery and all that. She would complain about how her mates had this and that. I began to despise her. She got pregnant again and this time she wasn’t happy. I practically had to be at her beck and call throughout the duration. We had a son and I was thankful to God. I loved my children so much. I made sure they knew I was there for them. They were closer to me than she was.

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My Journey to Divorce

Tragedy struck as the company I worked for got burned down one day. This left the staff stranded. Luckily for me, I had little savings and had started a small side business a year before. We couldn’t afford new cars anymore and in fact, I had to sell mine to help us stay comfortable till my new business began to pay off.
I left my wife the car for the sake of transporting the children. She complained bitterly. After a year my business still had not started giving me the desired returns. Monica was still working but never brought in money as things were bad. She still demanded from me even with our condition.

One day I returned from my hustle and met the door open. I was afraid at first thinking a burglar had broken in. Then I saw my children playing with their toys. I was relieved. I asked about their mom as it was a weekend and she didn’t work weekends. They answered that she had packed her things that she was travelling.

She left me. She left her kids. I filed for a divorce after waiting to hear from her for a year. I was devastated; I didn’t know what to tell my kids. I had to take them to my sisters’ for a while.  Monica was just a gold digger. She’s married to a European now. She has not spoken to the children for over a year now. I have moved on. Business is better now and the children have stabilized in school. I may not remarry, I’m too scared.


  1. It’s definitely not the end of the week end Fred because surely there’s a woman out there that will love you, inspire you and stand by you to make things work and also love your kids notwithstanding. Wish I could get in contact with you Fred.

  2. Monica ! Why?. Monica’s are never gold diggers before even though our name na money and car. Bro Fred, am glad you are back on your feet and your kids are doing must go on yes,so don’t give up on another Monica cus the first Monica will be hunted soon and you will be the one smilling much more.

  3. That life. Sometimes we meet people whom we think are best for us but in de long run they are worse than de devil himself. Not everybody you see knows what it takes to be married some just want people to hear that sister is married even if is one month they stay in de marriage. Every body have his or her own definition of marriage some are one month, one year, and why so want theirs to work forever no matter de stress life brings. so brother watch and pray for dat woman who wlii stay,love you and yr kids no matter what life have to offer you all de best

  4. Sad story, strange times we are in. You need to remarry , your kids deserve a mother’s love , she had your children but she’s not a mother. God bless n heal your heart.

  5. So sorry dear wish I could take care of dose kids den God should help her dat she show up to claim or ask for forgiveness God bless u

  6. Life happens.
    Every situation could be turned around for good. Thank God you had some trophies (the children) as your takeaway.
    Don’t worry, be bold to trust again. Affliction will never arise a second time for you.
    God will bless you with a Daughter of Consolation. Only believe and be on the lookout.


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