Good day, I appreciate what you are doing with the divorce stories here. I was a married woman with a child of 3yrs and was expecting my second child when hell broke loose on my marriage.

My name is Toke, while I was dating my hubby, he was so caring and would always put my happiness first. I never saw any reason to think he was cheating on me because he showed me love like his life depended on it.

A year to our wedding, a lady got pregnant for him and I was so devastated. I couldn’t believe my Love would sleep with anyone asides me not to talk of impregnating someone else.

He claimed it was a mistake that he deeply regretted. So, after much pleading from him and his family who by the way adored me, I forgave him and things went back to normal.

He accepted the baby though and went separate ways from his baby mama. The following year, we got married but interestingly after few months into my marriage, my husband became someone I had to beg before he makes love to me.

He stopped caring like he used to and he told lies to my face countless times. While I was pregnant with my first child he was cheating with another lady. I knew when I saw the love messages he sent to her and I kept on seeing more of those messages but he told me he never meant any of the messages.

He must have thought I was a stupid bimbo those times he lied for I just swallowed them for the sake of peace in my marriage. I then tearfully begged him to stop hurting me with his affairs but he wouldn’t.

I begged my hubby to make love to me before I conceived the first and second time and I got tired of doing that.

Then, when I was almost due with the second pregnancy, I found out that the same lady I kept complaining about messaged my husband that she was pregnant and as at the time I saw the message, she had already put to bed. Guess what, my husband was responsible.

I was dazed and felt like stabbing my husband to death. I cried my eyes out while making frantic calls to his sister and mine.

Hubby realised I found out his dirty deeds and kept telling me he wasn’t responsible, that the lady was trying to pin the pregnancy on him. I didn’t know when I yelled and pounced on him like a mad woman biting him hard on the chest until I tasted blood. I was like a mad woman at that moment.

I kept thinking, so while I was begging this man for sex, he was busy giving another woman out there the pleasure, that he even got her pregnant. I was so full of bitterness, hatred and it was choking me up.

I told my people what happened and my elder sister blamed me because she warned me the first time he did same before our wedding that my husband would not stop but I turned deaf ears.

As a lawyer, she encouraged me to file for divorce for safety reasons. She even scared me with the thought of other unknown women being out there with my husband’s kids.
I was tired at this point. What was the essence of staying in a marriage with a man that cheats without consideration for his family anyways?

So, I filed for divorce and hubby was shedding crocodile tears that I shouldn’t leave him. But, my mind was already made up on the whole situation, because I deserve my peace.

Then, just when I thought maybe, just maybe, I was too hasty and brash in my decision, I got another shocker. Ex hubby had twins with another woman. I just gave up on him, for his case is beyond redemption.

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