My Divorce Story 90: Patrick She Was A Just A Big Cheat

My Divorce Story 90: Patrick She Was A Big Cheat

Hello Ross, My name is Patrick and this is my divorce story.  My experience with my ex-wife hs created a lack of trust for women in general. I never thought I would be a divorcee but my wife had it coming. My name is Patrick and this is my divorce story.

As a bachelor, I had outlined the qualities I desired in my woman and looked forward to having her birth my children. For most of my adult life, I focused on my career and business. I often got teased by my friends that I was gay since I had no girlfriend even though doing okay financially. I would usually laugh it away because I just hadn’t met the one.


My previous relationships had not ended well and it had been caused by trust issues. When I met my wife, Nancy, I wasn’t looking for a relationship per se. we got talking at a party and later we went out on a date. She was intelligent and I loved the fact that she was ambitious. I fell in love with her soon after and asked her to marry me. She accepted my proposal to my utmost joy.

We had relative peace in the early stages of our marriage. God gave us two lovely girls and they were enough for me. My wife wanted to have a son but I told her our daughters were a blessing we should be thankful for.

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Suspicions and the scandal

My marriage was in its sixth year when I began to suspect my wife of cheating. She was suddenly staying out later than usual and leaving the children with the neighbour more than necessary. She would take phone calls away from me. I eventually had to confront her and though she didn’t admit to cheating, she said she would adjust. Nancy only changed her tactics but the truth came out in an ugly way.

My wife got pregnant and I thought it was mine. She didn’t seem excited about it. Though it wasn’t planned, I accepted to have another child. It was after delivery that I realized the child, a boy, was not mine. He was born mullato.


This proved my suspicions all along were valid. I wept like a baby because my family didn’t lack any basics. I wondered what made my wife go so far. She begged me but I was far gone in anger. I may have forgiven her if the child had been mine but seeing that boy made me hate her.

It was something of a scandal to my family and friends. It took us all a while to get over it. I filed for a divorce and currently share custody of my children with her.

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My Thoughts…

Nothing more to add… These things eventually surface. Not sure what could have led Nancy astray. It obviously was the fact that she wanted more than she was getting from Patrick.

I look forward to your thoughts in the comment section below. As usual, if you have a divorce story to share with us or have a need for marital advice, please send me an email via Your confidentiality is assured.



  1. A party is not the best place to meet a wife material. You failed in your duty as an African man to give her a son. Hence a mulatto finished the job.

    • U cnt tell where u will meet ur wife. And he aslo performed as a man but wat eva hapins in our life, was meant to hapin.
      Dey tell us dier issues to learn frm and give them courage to bear dier issues wif comfort.
      Stp discouraging dem pls

  2. Well I feel she did this out of fear of loosing u as her hubby to another woman, cos African men crave for male children. Sometimes a man may tell his wife not to worry about having a male child but he will go out there trying to get one forgetting its what u give to her that she will bring out. Although am not supporting what she did, but pls men should stop this crave for male children from a woman, women are not God or ur chromosomes. I know its difficult for u to forgive her, but if u do, it will put d devil to shame of trying to destroy ur marriage, nd she may have forgiven u if u were d one that wronged her just to keep d marriage going, Don’t u think so? Bible says u can divorce ur spouse on d ground of adultery, still God hates divorce, Jesus forgave us while we were yet sinners so pls u can forgive her to put d devil to shame. Thnx

  3. This is just one side of the story. You might not know the lady,s story as well.there are so many red flags in relationships and marriage. Am very sure he ignored quite a lot of them. It could be that she was not fulfilled in a particular area, be it sex, conversation and the sense of belonginess. Even though not justified. Am sure she went to the extreme due to one reason or the other.


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