The lawmaker representing Adamawa north senatorial district, Binta Masi Garba, has revealed that her biological father burnt her property as a result of her decision to give her life to Jesus Christ.

According to PUNCH, she narrated her ordeal at the Chapel of Praise International Church, Yola, Adamawa capital, during a thanksgiving service organised to mark her 50th birthday on Sunday.

Smouldered in tears, Binta, said God made it possible for her to become a cornerstone after the deprivation and rejection she suffered after being a Christian.

“I gave my life to Christ when I was in primary school. My father was infuriated and he burnt everything I had because of my decision to follow Christ,” she said.

My father burnt everything I had because I accepted Christ - Senator Binta reveals

“I suffered so much because of the name of Jesus. I would have been nothing if not for His grace. The rejected child, because of my faith, has become a cornerstone. I give glory to His name.”

In attendance at the thanksgiving service were Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo; Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation; Boss Mustapha, secretary to the government of the federation; Nelson Effiong, lawmaker representing Akwa Ibom south who represented Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy senate president, and Fred Addo founder of Chapel of Praise Church International.

In his homily, Osinbajo called for prayers for leaders, particularly Christians holding various positions in the highest level of government in the country.

He asked for prayers for Mustapha, Winifred Oyo-Ita, head of the civil service of the federation, and other Christian appointees in the administration of President Muhammed Buhari.

My father burnt everything I had because I accepted Christ - Senator Binta reveals

Osinbanjo said he believed that Buhari had appointed some of the finest Christians in his government in order to bring change.

He said that though himself, Mustapha and Winifred among a few others are very good Christians, he urged Christians to support them with prayers.

He said, “The truth of the matter is that in the government of today, we have some of the most erudite Christians, some of the best Christians occupying positions in government. Boss Mustapha, the secretary to the government of the federation, who is a pastor; the head of the civil service of the federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita and of course I, the Vice-President are all Christians.

“But it is not enough to have Christians in government like myself. It is never enough. If you look through the scriptures whether it was Joseph, Daniel or Esther, every person who made an impact in governance in the scripture that we see was supported by the prayers of the people of God.”



      • You only believe his miracles and birth but you did not believe he is the son of God sent to save all mankind from their sins, and only through believing in him as your LORD and savior you can make heaven

  1. Just keep on trusting who u believed (Jesus Christ) d joy of d world, who fail no body ever in persecution, n I kn n believer dat in ur persecution he will be with u just trust him, at a point u will tink he is no longer der bt I tell u he is a faithful God, May God hear u each time u call in Jesus mighty name Amen

      • Can you point a verse in the Bible that Jesus Christ said am God worship me?, you can’t my brother because there’s none but rather several verses in the Bible stated that jesus mention him being a servant of god not god him self, this is not about power of spirit because there’s nothing like that it was clearly state inthe bible that Jesus is not god . So I bleave Jesus was not god but servant of god and every miracle hi performed was done by the grace of god not by his well but grace of God. Don’t say something you don’t know just go read the Bible it’s clear you don’t need anybody to teach you what is already clearly written


  2. Not all you have but all that his understanding can carry that you have. May the eyes of his understanding be open to know that you have Jesus Christ that can not be destroyed now and always. You have Jesus, you have all things.

    • Let my ENEMIES live long & see what I will become, since her Father is still alive, she should Forgive & Forget, so that her joy would be FILLED, may the same Jehovah do it for sis. Leah in the hands of B’H inside Sambisa forest, Lesson to all others, Jesus is Lord.


  4. My to followed Christ in not an easy thing, the world will rejects you, you will even face persecution and hatred, but the Christ in you will give u straight and keep to the end and they will you excellence because greater is his who in you then the one who is the world. You will sure wear the glorious crown on the last day

  5. As a Senator you are suppose to be a respected person, you claimed to have converted when you were in primary school & that your father burnt everything you possessed then, my question is what did you possess while you were in primary school? &why bring up your story now at 50years? Are you trying to use your convertion to attract sympathy from your people to get re-elected bcos you haven’t done anything to show? Its a pity!

  6. Ayyah sorry may God guide you back to latest and last model of prophets from almighty God and head of all prophets Muhammad rasulullah peace be upon him and to all the messengers of Allah including prophet isah Alaihissalam.

  7. But you failed to mention all the good things he did to you right from your birth and all the struggles he went through in bringing you up. We should not forget the positive things some people did to us just because they wrong us in one aspect. I am not supporting your dad’s action towards your conversion to Christianity his action was terribly bad

  8. This is family issue , and ur farther is d one that take all ur responsiblity before u became human being , so if u want to change him u can announce that u change him to anorther farther that willnot burn ur properties afetr u change ur religion

  9. Religion is a choice, why a senator doing this wicked act, that means he knows u chose a right way, and pls hold on to the God u chose he surely delivered u becos he own heaven n earth, he his a great God.

  10. The Almighty God will never leave nor forsake you. You shall continue to serve Him all the days of your life.. I , in particular shall continue to remember you in my daily prayers.

  11. He did that out of his fatherly feelings for he thought it was a destructive step for denouncing Islam. Put urself in his shoes and ll understand better.
    My advice if really u love Jesus you should be practicing Islam not Christianity for u taking Jesus as a deity u serve and worship against Jesus teachings. We shall all be judged by our creator in the day of judgments. A day when regret is useless nor repentance ll assit. choose wisely

  12. You talk too much about the same issue,if it is attention that you are seeking you have gotten it,if it’s sympathy,you have gotten it.You have been given advise to change your father why don’t you do that.
    Though not aware of your background but I doubt if you were a true muslim right from the word go.

  13. My dear sister be glad and rejoice for lord God shine his light upon u.U have nothing to regrets because u are victorious.Be still and know that what ever u loses because u chooses to welcome christ into your life,God of Christ will return all for u as u believe him.

  14. I was a Muslim before I gave my love life to Christ my sister there is peace inside of me which I don’t have before am happy for you hold it don’t him go Jesus is more than enough

  15. I’m happy for you because you have chosen a living God who has the power of death and life, may he continue to encourage you IJN

  16. We. The Muslim we regarded Jesus as servant and messenger of Allah… binta think deeply even in the bible talk about the last prophet whose name Ahmad. That’s Prophet Muhammad SAW

  17. Who knows whether you are his true daughter, only ur mother can tell. What type of property do you have as a primary pupil? I do not believe with this story. May Allah guide you on the right path.

  18. Binta in Ur family we no that they have both Muslim and Christian so stop saying all this kind of stupid words even in our home town didt they voted u or is only Christian that voted u OK may Allah show us 2019 u will regret in Ur life no more tazarce nooooooooooo’

  19. ITS nice TO HERE,example to others, about Christ ,the only way to eternity, for give him sister because he dose not acsully no what is doing, he will still joined you and celebrate Christ Jesus our Lord.

  20. Is des same christ u acepted?was u a muslim b4 ur aceptanc of christ cos islamicaly u cant b a muslim wthout acepting jesus christ ….something must b wrong wth u

  21. If your father burnt your properties for accepting our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t regret of knowing him. Continue to accept him, he will not forsake you. Send your account number to me even though is a token I will send it to you. Take care.

  22. Hahahaha she is from jalingo that is Taraba state in audio preach and she still be senator in ADAMAWA STATE pls Tell me which state she,s come from pls and the seem Muslims vote for her she is a politician or Christian prechilling

  23. Im yola Day b4 yestday i im watching news on TV interview d father of senetor binta nd her family nd friends abt her life nd polities in yola nd were she is living every one ar saying good tins abt her comitment even her family ar happy wit her no any différences of religions abt dem dey ar even comdeming d all rumours on social media Peoples ar spreading on dere dougther so pls we should face our problems nd live odas to face dere own bt telling lies abt some one u dnt knw wht we support to do is praying abt our problems in dis country insecurity peoples ar dieying every day bcs of selfishnes crisis,hunger,sickness,etc. Pls do away wit religious differences nd pray for d leadership of dis country.

  24. Dear Brothers and Sisters from Mubi Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator Binta has openly insult her father, a Muslim and the whole Muslim Ummah by putting us in bad light. During her Thanksgiving and 50th Birthday celebration in International Praise Church Yola, she said her father threw her out of the house and burnt down her properties because she converted to Christianity. In the first place, the story is uncalled for and unwarranted. The aim is to put her father and Muslim Ummah in bad light. This is a woman that has benefited so much from Muslims. Her first job was given to her by a Muslim, late Al Bashir in Kaduna. Her political bid in Kaduna was supported by late Olushola Saraki, the father of Bukola Saraki, a Muslim and Ahmed Aruwa, a Muslim. In 2015 election, her Christian brethren rejected her in Michika and Madagali because they know how mischievous she is. Muslim Ummah in Michika 1, Mubi North, Mubi South and Maiha voted for her. She went away and abandoned the people. Now that the 2019 is by the corner, she has started rallying round Gov. Bindo and other Muslims leaders to support her. Enough of this hypocrisy and double standard. We must come out in our numbers and send her away. We can’t tolerate a religious bigot and ungrateful person like Senator Binta. Please share and expose her.

    *~ Ahmed Sadiq*

  25. The God of heaven whom you chose to serve will bring back to you better things more than the ones you lost and those that cause tears in your eyes will see you rejoicing and they MUST come to beg for forgiveness.

  26. That is Niger, may b she seen that the people of her constituency have start dislike her style of leadership,at the end she will say they did vote her because she is a Christian, if not y is this coming at this tym.

  27. We have heard her story, but we have not heard the father’s part, we can’t make a sincere judgements, so you are free to choose any religion, there’s no compulsion in lslam

  28. Thank God it was ur things he bunt not u. U can always get dem back so long u are still living. D Bible says, seek ye first d kingdom of God ,every other thing will b added unto u. May God forgive ur dad. Forgive him too. He is still ur dad. He was just angry DAT u choose a different fate from his, as he brought u up right in Islam. But one thing he didn’t kno is DAT, every one has d right to choose d religion he/she wishes. God bless u my sister. The Holy spirit will guide, protect and give u d strength to face d battles u may experience in Jesus name amen. U are welcome to d family of Jesus. D name DAT is above all names, d name principalities and powers bow down to, d unbeatable name.

  29. Sympathy seeker, just imagine how she has ridiculed her parent in the face of the world. Honestly , I thought she is a responsible person but has now downgraded herself not only before the world but also before her ultimate creator. Shame to such children who don’t recognizes the worth of their biological parent. You need not to disrespect your parent in an attempt to attract political recognition from the true Christians even though , they know you are just faking.

  30. Like apostle Paul said, what matters to me now is to win christ regardless of what ever I have ,everything is not matter to me now all I want is to serve christ and to carry his cross , my dear sister in the lord be firm and seek for spiritual strength from God because the battle is now begone but let me telk you one thing you should have in mind constantly “always maditate” to avoid temptations please

  31. That’s life I was an ardent Muslim , when converted uptil now my family was like dis own me, the worst aspect of it is my mum never want to talk to me no more and I was curse by her and God is still blessings me sha.keep hope alive if it’s is God that call u there do nothing but be ready for alot of challenge.

  32. She is a politician playing politics with religion, God Almighty is watching U, the highest U can reach in politics is to be a law maker, governor or a president, but in religion U will never be a Prophet, so please stop telling lies to please some certain angles in Nigeria.Thank U…….

  33. She is a politician playing politics with religion, God Almighty is watching U, the highest U can reach in politics is to be a law maker, governor or a president, but in religion U will never be a Prophet, so please stop telling lies to please some certain angles in Nigeria.Thank U…….

  34. Vanity upon vanity is Vanity materials things will end hear on earth but if you gain the whole world and suffer your soul which one is better? So don’t worry your great provider Jesus Christ you pronounced will never forsake you my sister just the test of time.

  35. No Muslim is a Muslim if he/she doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ is a messenger of God. So ma’am what religion were you practicing before you “accepted Christ”? Definitely not Islam.

  36. QURAN 33 vs 40 Muhammad is not the father of any body and quran 46 vs 9 Muhammad is not messenger of God and he is not prophet, and 3 V’s 55 Jesus is the only way, so for that who are you waiting for Islam

  37. And den God said wait let me fight 4 u.jst depends on God and u willl love what u got ursef into.remember not to blame or hate ur d God that make d whole universe

  38. Sen.Binta,election is approaching now u have the gods to come out and said anything but mack u the people are now wise.No sympathy u work we elect u back u mess up we messed u up


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