My Survivor Story 4, Helen: Sex For Marks Part Two

After much thoughts on ways by which I could avert this mess, I decided I wasn’t going to honour the meeting. So, the next day at 12noon I was on my bed in the hostel reading a novel and my phone switched off to ensure I don’t get a call from Mr Hunter. I stayed that way until late evening before switching my phone back on with a satisfied grin.

The day after, I had to attend his course lecture, I sat attentively in his class listening and hoping he wouldn’t have any cause to have my time, but he did. Almost all his questions that day were directed at me and when I thought I had successfully given him an answer he would twist the question again just to throw me off balance. It was then I realised he had begun preying on me like the predator he was said to be.

I took his yabs calmly when I couldn’t satisfy him with an answer to a question he posed. At the end of his class, he beckoned for me to follow him which I did and we walked to his car.

“Young lady, I hope you know that I don’t take kindly to time wasters and disappointers. We had an appointment to meet at a particular day and time and you deliberately never turned up nor called to explain”.
‘I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t disposed to come’ I answered trying to look remorseful.
“How do you mean, disposed? Anyways, that I said I was interested in knowing you does not mean I don’t have better things to do with my time. Just tell me when you will be available”.
“I don’t know sir, I have no free time for now’ I replied
‘I see…..’ he said sizing me up arrogantly, ‘you are playing games with me, ehn? It alright. I see you don’t care to have a good relationship with me’.
‘No sir’, I replied surprised at his assertions. ‘I am good with the relationship we have’
‘And what relationship is that, if I may ask’ he said.
I hesitated before replying him ‘Student-Lecturer relationship sir’
‘hmmmmm let’s see how far that would take you’ he said in a tone that seemed more like a threat. ‘You may leave now’ he dismissed me.
That day, I went back telling my roommates what transpired and they all asked that I tread with caution around Mr Hunter.

Dear Davina, Which Of These Two Guys Should I Settle Down With

Happy to have nipped whatever he had for me in the bud, I decided to put my encounter with him behind me, until the day my first sessional results came out and I spotted an unpleasant spot in my grades. I was gearing towards a first class or second class upper, so I made sure I put in my best in my first year and resolved to keep it up till I graduate, but here was my result and I was seeing a D grade in it.

Needless to say, it was in Mr Hunter’s course which was meant to have been an easy course to pass and whose exam seemed like a cake walk. Wondering where I went wrong, having scored good marks in test and assignment, bought handouts and put my best into the theory and practical aspect of the exam.

Disoriented, I went to my room planning to go see Mr Hunter about my result which I was sure must have been a mistake on his part. After talking to my roommates about it, the final year student amongst us advised me to let the issue go as confronting him will only worsen the situation and give him more avenue to victimize me so that was how Mr Hunter gave me the only ‘D’ I ever had in all my grades throughout university days. Just because he couldn’t fail me out rightly. Of course, I would have asked that my papers be remarked by someone else if he had failed me.

My Survivor Story 2, Esohe: The Forbidden Fruit Slur

One time again when I was in 200 level, we had a test which was conducted. Mr Hunter who refused to accept my test script just because it didn’t get to him on time after he had ordered us to stop and submit. It happened that he had given an instruction that once he orders us to stop writing, we were to pass our papers to the last person sitting at the edge of each table where he would then retrieve the papers. We all did but somehow, as village people would have it, my script fell off while papers were been passed from hand to hand and the guy passing them didn’t realize on time until he had submitted the bulk of papers.

Quickly, the guy took the paper that fell off to Mr Hunter explaining what had happened. On seeing the extra paper, Mr Hunter looked at the name on the test script and gave it back to the guy who had brought it, asking that it be given back to the owner as he would not condone his orders being disobeyed. At first, I didn’t realize it was my test sheet that had fallen off until the guy walked up to me and returned it with an apologetic face.

I was shocked and heartbroken, I took my paper and walked up to Mr Hunter who was leaving the class. I braced up myself for series of pleading with tears if possible. Oh, how he made a show of me that day while I pleaded with him to accept my script. He also threatened that the test would affect my overall performance in the course. I continued pleading with him and ended up following him to his office where he refused to grant me audience having told me that nothing was going to make him accept my text script.

Eventually, I let him be and returned to my hostel frustrated and angry. I got to my room and couldn’t hold back the tears I had been bottling up. After crying and putting myself together I explained what happened to my roommates who were sympathetic and also had this ‘we told you’ look on their faces as well. I prayed about the issue asking God to help me so I don’t have a carryover in that course and I made sure I studied more on the course just to make up for my text in the exams……Long story short, I passed the course with a ‘C’ and couldn’t have been more grateful even though it wasn’t what I deserved.

5-things a lady does that make her totally unapproachable

The third year in school, I avoided offering Mr Hunter’s courses altogether but he became my Internship supervisor in the second semester of that level. One of the days he came to supervise my colleagues and I at my place of internship, he hinted that I know what to do if I ever want to come out with a good grade for my IT which was crucial to my end result in the university.

I had resigned myself to the fate of possibly not getting a good grade for my IT, as I wasn’t going to give in to him when I discovered they had swapped him with another supervisor. I was so grateful for the miracle of crossing that hurdle as I came out with my desired grade in the end. I continued avoiding Mr Hunter until my final year when I had to offer a course he took as it was a core course and was glad to soon be out of the school system where I would no longer be victimized.

Final results came out and I went checking certain I was going to be among the second class upper (2:1) graduates in my department. On getting to the board, I couldn’t find my name on the list! Not even on lower distinction lists, it was then it dawned on me that I must have had an issue with my results, so I went checking on the list of carryover/missing result list and there my name was, seated comfortably amongst other names.

A closer look at the list and I found out that it was Mr Hunter’s course that was holding me back. I had a missing script. So I went to see him, only for him to tell me he wasn’t sure I even wrote his exam that I will have to endure an extra year. He said if only I had agreed to his terms, he would have informed me of my missing scripts and maybe we could have salvaged the situation before results were out. He said all these with a wicked smirk on his face Lol.

My tears that day would have filled a bucket. I began running from pillar to post, all the while determined to put Mr Hunter to shame. I couldn’t bear to have an extra year because of his evil act. Anyways, after 4 months or thereabouts, my missing results resurfaced magically, yaay! Needless to say, it wasn’t missing in the first place. I had involved some top influential lecturers who weren’t pals with Mr Hunter on the case, plus fervent prayers and fasting went into the mix as well. It took one phone call from a higher authority to solve my case of missing result.

Finally, I got cleared and mobilised for service, one year after my graduation (my mates were almost rounding up theirs) but still, I came out with my 2:1 intact and was grateful to God.

That same year, Mr Hunter along with another lecturer got disgraced by some students who had set them up. They faced a trial and lost their jobs eventually as there were piles of evidence to their misconducts. When I heard the news of what had befallen him, the news made my day, hehehehe.

Last I heard, Mr Hunter is now lecturing at Novena (a private university) a far cry from his position he held as a senior lecturer in a federal uni. I guess he still hasn’t learnt his lesson due to his die-hard nature.

A word of advice to students who are genuinely being harassed or victimized by these horrible Dons is that they should never give in to the pressure no matter what, as justice may be delayed but will surely be served, while the just will always triumph in the end. Thank you, Davina, for the platform to share my experience.


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