Inspired by real life events, yet stranger than fiction.

My Woman, My Everything!! Episode 1


Wealth, Class, Beauty, Fame… Name it, Brenda had it all.

She was from a wealthy and highly respected family. Her father happened to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, with multiple business interests around the world.

Brenda never lacked anything, except friends. All the people around her were either opportunists or the few she could actually rely on were not comfortable in her company. This made her unhappy. She needed friends she could confide in. But her money couldn’t buy that. The only way she thought she could get what she wanted was to go back to school under a disguise.


She had already finished with her first degree in the UK yet she was willing to embark on this mission. Brenda applied and eventually gained admission into a local University. She was completely on her own though. She had to pay the fees and other bills from her personal savings, as the venture was a secret she was keeping from her father, who wasn’t even aware she was back in the country.

She had to go to school using public transport, leaving behind luxurious cars that she owned. She rented a room close to school and bought some dresses to look like a regular student.


You are reading My Woman, My Everything!! Episode 1

Finally resumption day came… It was time for her very first lecture and all fresh students gathered at the lecture hall waiting for class to begin. The atmosphere was filled with tension, as they were all new to the tertiary system. They hardly knew themselves. Brenda had not arrived yet; she was running late on her first day on campus… She did that on purpose, because she wanted to be noticed as she entered the class.

Soon the lecturer arrived and the class began.

Brenda made her grand entry while lectures were ongoing. Indeed, all the students noticed her, as she looked very charming even in her simple and regular dress. She quickly spotted an empty chair and sat on it.

She was not the only late one though… Another new student Dave arrived in a rush right after Brenda got seated. He was sweaty all over, however he went straight ahead and sat beside her. Dave didn’t realize the beauty he was sitting beside until she gave him a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat.

The lecturer noticed what Brenda did and said: “Shame, how can a handsome guy like you go around with no handkerchief?”

Dave was embarrassed by the lecturer’s comment as it gave the whole class something to laugh about. Brenda felt bad for him and told the lecturer “Sir, the handkerchief belongs him, he actually lent it to me on our way here”


“Do you two know each other already?” asked the lecturer


you have been reading My Woman, My Everything!! Episode 1

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  1. Comment: but come to think of it, Ivvone seem to b self centered .for trying to make Franca to b wt Ray again after wot He did to her is serious inhuman on her side.


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