Natural Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth


Natural foods to whiten your teeth

You might have cut out the coffee, curry and red wine but still haven’t gotten the white teeth you so desire. You probably didn’t realize that there are some foods that can actually brighten your teeth? So if you fancy keeping up with the bright smile but can’t afford the dentist price tag, try munching on othese everyday foods instead.

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Did you imagine this? I certainly didn’t! Carrot helps whiten your teeth by stimulating saliva production, which helps in washing away food debris and strengthening gums.


According to a teeth whitening experts, pineapple is the only food that naturally contains bromelain. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties which is why it’s very good for your teeth.

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Though they might ruin your clothes, strawberries are surprisingly good at whitening your teeth. They contain malic acid (natures natural teeth whitener)… And they can gently remove the surface stains that make your teeth look dark and aged.


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, apparently, the dentist too. As apples need to be chewed for a while, they encourage saliva flow and help wash away particles that build up on your teeth.

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Cheese is high in calcium and protein which makes it very good for the teeth as it protects its enamel. It also contains lactic acid which helps prevent tooth decay. Chewing hard cheese helps stimulate saliva which helps clean the teeth. Skip the sticky toffee and order a cheese board instead.

White teeth is not only healthy, it also beautifies your mouth. It enhances your face and makes a sparkling smile achievable.

Hurry now, invest in these teeth whitening foods so as to achieve the charming teeth effect.



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