NBA Player Andre Iguodala (1)
Sometimes I wonder if being a baby mama is an occupation, then I stop to think that it serves the baby daddies right too for not doing the needful. If you’re gonna shack up with a woman, by all means put a ring on it first!

Andre Iguodala, an American of Nigerian descent has a little girl with Clayanna Warthen and now his baby mama says the multi-million dollar NBA player’s child support isn’t supportive enough.

NBA Player Andre Iguodala (2)

Warthen, who had a 6 year relationship with the Golden State Warriors player says she can’t even fully pay for their 6-year-old’s school expenses on the $18k a month he’s paying in child support. She wants the monthly support hiked to $58k a month, claiming it fits the court’s child support schedule since Andre makes around $11 million a year. The former couple will be in court next week to fight it out.

Andre Iguodala is currently an endorser of the Nike brand and has worn various Nike basketball shoe models on the court. He had better fasten his seat-belt for this baby mama drama.


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