Are you looking for a contraceptive method that’s hormone free? The Copper Pearls are a birth control method that requires no hormones and is effective for up to five years.

The device works on the same principle as other intrauterine devices and prevents pregnancy locally, within the uterus.

Several copper pearls are strung on a uterus-friendly frame and coated with a polymer. As soon as The Copper Pearls are placed in the uterus, it starts releasing small amounts of copper into the uterus to provide continuous birth control for up to five years.

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Is it safe?

The amount of copper released from the device is minimal and the average quantity of copper ingested with a normal diet is much higher than the quantity released into the body through the copper pearls.

How is the device inserted?

Since the intrauterine ball (IUB™) is one third to a half of the size of traditional intrauterine devices, it can be inserted almost painlessly, without local anaesthesia, in the doctor’s office.

Does it hurt?

The placement of the IUB can be painful when the cervix is very tight. If you are pain sensitive, your doctor can provide local anaesthesia or a preventive pain-killing treatment.

How effective is the IUB?

The efficacy of the IUB copper pearls is comparable with oral contraceptives like the pill when used correctly. However, no birth control method is 100% effective.

Are there any side effects?

After placement of the IUB, heavier, longer periods and spotting between periods can occur. Most of these side effects diminish after two to three months once your uterus acclimates to the device. Occasionally, the placement can cause a short fainting spell, without any further serious complications.

Does the IUB influence menstrual bleeding?

The first couple of menstruations after insertion can be heavier than usual as the uterus needs time to adapt. This side effect usually subsides and the IUB is expected to have limited influence on your menstrual bleeding after that.

How soon can I fall pregnant after removing The Copper Pearls?

Fertility should be restored immediately after removal.


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