I don’t know why people are accusing PMB of nepotism. For years we have screamed till our throats threatened to tear apart that appointments should be based on merit and not ethnicity, or have we not? Many have condemned the practice of Federal character, often describing it as anti-progressive and insisting that it should be done away with.

So now PMB has done away with it and we are shouting blue murder! Or is it green suicide? I hear his kitchen cabinet is staffed by his relatives; so what else is new? Are we really expecting him to employ Ijaw men and women as members of staff in the hallowed halls of the Villa? You and I know that is not likely to happen in a hurry.

Anyway, I’m not overly concerned about the occupants of Aso Rock. They have very little impact on my daily life. I am however, very concerned by another set of occupants in the Federal Capital city, cows!

Photo credit: nairaland.com
Photo credit: nairaland.com

Yes, you heard me right. Cows have suddenly realized that there is something going in Nigeria. They seem to know that there is a nepotistic government in power and as such they think that their time to enjoy the bovine share of the National cake has come.

Or how else would you explain the sudden influx of seeming hundreds of cows into the City? On the highway and byways of Abuja, the cows of Bashan, sorry, Daura have taken over. We have a ‘FF government’ in power. These animals know their rights too. They walk majestically on the major roads spewing their smelly breakfast where they will and bringing traffic to a standstill while they move around in search of the proverbial green pasture.

Nepotism and the Cows of Bashan

And no one is saying or doing anything! The dreaded Abuja Environmental Protection Board appears to not notice the menace of these on the road of the erstwhile less-than-pristine city. Residents are complaining that the agency seems to be more interested in chasing away groundnut and Banana sellers than in calling the cattle rearers to order. But then I suppose it is what happens when nepotism takes over from where Federal character stopped. When you have ‘FF government’, the cattle rearer begins to feel a sense of invincibility. Or so I suppose. Or maybe not.

Could it be a coincidence that we seem to have more beggars in the city? Is it a coincidence that the ubiquitous ‘okada’ and keke riders have suddenly taken to riding on roads hitherto prohibited? When PMB made his famous speech of belonging to no one and to everyone, many applauded; the wise ones adopted a let’s-wait-and-see-approach. They did not have too long to wait. The day has dawned bright and early and the Fulani-Friendly sun has risen over the Federal Capital.


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