Golden Tulip- Room 14, executive room to be precise…

Paul and Dattar were just settling in, the foreplay was intense, with deep kissing and tongues massaging each other. Dattar’s top was off, leaving her with only her bra which was filled with her thick and heavy breasts.

Never love a stranger Episode 1

She was indeed endowed with beauty. At the sight of her wonderful curved body, Paul couldn’t just help it. He buried his face in between her breast and began licking it through. Dattar was already on top of it. That was her soft spot, Paul had just hit a jackpot. She gave him all that a man will need in bed. The love making was one of the best Dattar ever had. Long lasting foreplay and to top it all, they both climaxed together.

She wanted more and more of him, Paul was also up for it. With the room chilled by the air-conditioner, they made every single minute count. It was as if they had long known each other however, this was their first time of meeting each other.


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Dattar and Paul had bumped into each other at the shopping mall and right there and then, they clicked. To Dattar, Paul had everything she wanted in a man. He was tall, dark, and handsome and from his appearance one could tell that he was “damn” swimming in riches and wealth.

He paid for every single thing that Dattar bought and even offered to drive her home. Dattar was a car freak.  Even though she didn’t know how to drive nor did she own a car, she could tell the brand of a car from a long distance. Paul was driving a recent model Bentley Continental GT special edition. Bentley had just recently released this model and it was rumored that only four people in the whole country had the model.

It all started in the car, there wasn’t much talking as they both knew what they wanted. The route to Dattar’s house changed as they drove to the Golden Tulip hotel to get the Gladiator games started.

Paul was just 24 years old but financially, he had already acquired what some men double his age could only dream of. Spending money was what he liked doing best. Dattar believed she had finally found the man she always dreamt of. They both just went with the flow and enjoyed themselves all through the night.


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Sometime during the night after a long period of intercourse, they took a pause

“Wow, I can’t believe I really did this” Dattar said.
“What if I may ask” Paul asked.
“I just had sex with a guy I don’t even know his name” She answered.
“Everything happens for a reason. My name is Paul” He said.
“Dattar” She mentioned her name.
Paul got up and sat on the edge of the bed. He buried his face in his hands looking quite remorseful.
“Is everything alright?” Dattar asked.

Without saying a word, Paul stared at her and then he went on top of her and they began all over again. Just when Dattar thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she climaxed.

Right after, Paul did something unique that got Dattar loving him even the more.  So gentle of him, Dattar thought. He took a white handkerchief and cleaned her up.  No man she had ever slept with had ever done that for her before. By that simple yet remarkable gesture, she thought to herself that Paul was really in love with her.


The night was young for them. Now, Dattar wanted to know Paul. She wanted to know everything about him. She was hoping she could build a future with him but as to if that was the intention of Paul, only the gift of time will tell.

They finally got to sleep in the early hours of the morning. They were really exhausted from all the activities of the night leading to them sleeping into deep morning.


you are reading: Never love a stranger – Episode 1


Sometime late into the day, Paul ’s phone started buzzing he was however too deep in sleep to hear it. Dattar was a lighter sleeper and She was awakened by the steadfast buzzing.

“Paul, get up. You have a phone call” She reached out softly and shook him up.

By this time, the phone had stopped buzzing. Paul picked it up and noticed it was from his mother. He immediately called back but it was his younger sister who picked up the phone call.

“Hey Tawa, what is it, where is Mum” Paul asked.

“We are at the general hospital, her situation got worse” Tawa answered.

“Can I talk to her” Paul asked.

The phone went quiet as Tawa tried handing the phone to her mother. Suddenly Paul heard his mother shouting at the other end.

“I won’t talk to him. He is the devil. Tell him to stay away from me.” Paul ’s mother shouted out to his hearing. It was obvious that she wanted him to hear her.

Paul didn’t bother holding on any longer, he angrily hung up the phone call.


“Is everything alright” Dattar asked seeing how worried Paul looked as he had hung up the call.

“Look, don’t pretend you are the caring type yeah. Because this thing we have, ends right here in this room. Dress up and let’s get going.” Paul said.

Dattar was stunned by Paul ’s words. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

“What? She asked.

Paul took out a large bundle of notes in cash and threw it at her on the bed.

“You think I’m a prostitute or what? What do you take me for?” She got upset and began shouting at him.

“You can talk all you want or leave the money here, I don’t really care anyway” Paul said as he was dressing up.

“I will be waiting for you at the car park” he said again and quickly left in her in the room.


you are reading: Never love a stranger – Episode 1


Dattar was in shock at the swift transformation from a kind gentle and romantic Paul to the guy who just had this exchange with her. Everything about him had changed and was so different as if he was indeed another person.  Dattar wondered at what had gone wrong. She felt it had something to do with the phone call. As it was, she had no option than meet Paul at the car park as he had said.

Paul immediately drove out from the hotel. It was indeed a long ride as they both were very quiet on the way. Dattar was expecting Paul to drive her home but to her surprise he didn’t even ask of the direction to her house.  After a while, she had to ask,

“And where are we going if I may ask” Dattar asked.

“Taking you to where I found you” Paul answered her.

The statement was enough to make Dattar know that she had really made a very big mistake about this guy. She went very quiet and shut her thoughts up to herself. Soon they arrived at the shopping mall where they had met the previous day and once she got out of the car, Paul drove off without a word.


Never love a stranger – Episode 1


Dattar felt like an object, a worthless object. She felt used as she watched Paul drive away in his expensive car.  At this point, she had no other option than to board a cab home.

She quickly stopped a cab and set off on her way home without wasting any time. She sat at the back of the cab in deep thought playing back events from the past day while asking herself what had gone wrong. She shook herself out to warn the driver about his over speeding. Just as she was raising her head and opening her mouth, she heard a scream from the driver followed by a bang and darkness. The car got involved in a fatal accident in which she died

…To Be Continued.

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Watch Out for Episode 2


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  3. Na wa ooo, this Paul is a big time ritualist even at 24 years of age. The mother even called him a devil.
    Hmmm! Fingers crossed, legs crossed waiting for the next episode.
    Keep it rolling Davina

  4. Comment:indeed,paul is a ritualist and have just added more wealth to his wealth.And as for Datar,hell awaits her…All that glitters is not gold!

  5. pls how can I read the other episodes? won’t it be better to show all the available episodes at their completion for the benefit of those who did not start on time


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