Just then he heard some strange sound coming from the kitchen. He quickly rushed to the kitchen and saw Jonah sitting on the floor in his boxer shots. Jonah looked deranged and was chewing something. Pieces of what he was chewing lay all round about him. On getting close, Paul found that what Jonah was chewing was money. He was chewing large denominations of currency notes and was laughing to himself. He was obviously out of his mind.

Paul tried getting Jonah’s attention. He tried to stop him from chewing the notes. However everything he said or did fell on deaf ears. The more he spoke to him, the more Jonah laughed hysterically. He obviously was deranged.

               Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

Paul was confused as to how things could quickly go this fast down the drain. He didn’t know what to do. He thought of rushing Jonah to the hospital. The problem was that each time he came close to Jonah, the guy pulled a knife and started to swing as if to stab Paul.

After several minutes of trying to pick Jonah up, Paul became frustrated, confused and afraid. He just didn’t know how to deal with what he was seeing. He sat back on the kitchen counter pondering what to do next. He knew that all this was related to his smashing of the pot.

Suddenly he knew that he didn’t want to be alone. He couldn’t go back to his apartment. The only place that sounded like solace was Chantal’s. He decided to go see her. He needed her company, he knew it would distract him from the thoughts that were going through his mind.

On his way to Chantal’s he was filled with thoughts of her sister’s death. He had a deep feeling of guilt as he knew he was responsible for her death. He thought of confessing to Chantal but he was afraid of losing her. This also was a confusing chapter for him. He somehow felt that the right thing to do was to confess and bear the consequences. He had a foreboding that everything was sure to leak soon and he would be the worse off. He shook the thought of and decided that he would need to find ways of making amends.

                  Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

By the time he got to Chantal’s place, it was already quite late into the night. After having called him to no avail, Chantal had given up hope of his coming back. She however was quite concerned about him. The way way he had left her hadn’t been the best. She was hoping nothing had happened to him. The more he didn’t pick his call, the more apprehensive she became. She was thus very glad when he showed up at her door. She was so happy to see him safe that she surprised both herself and him with the way she rushed into his arms and gave him a warm and very tight hug. Holding on like he was the last person left in the world for her.

Finally, they came into her kitchen and she prepared something warm for him to drink.

“Now would you tell me what that was all about? You just left without saying anything. I kept calling your phone, yet no answer” She said.

Paul looked straight in her eyes and noticed how vulnerable she was to him at this moment. If only she knew the kind of person he was she would hate him forever, he thought to himself. He thought about the irony of life; how he had thought all he needed were riches and wealth to make him satisfied and fulfilled. Then it came to him that he had never really been satisfied with all the wealth he had gotten. The more he had acquired, the more he wanted. Yet this very night, standing besides this woman, he felt more fulfilled than he had ever been.

Suddenly it hit him that he actually had deep feelings for Chantal. Feelings he had never felt for anyone before. It was like if nothing else in the whole world mattered. He was at peace despite the turmoils his life was going through right now. Then and then, he knew he was in love with Chantal.

                    Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

It was as if eternity stood still in acknowledgment of his love. While he stood there lost in his thoughts, her smell seemed deeper and fresher, he could see and sense her deep beauty. This was all he had ever wanted. He was so deep in self reflection that he didn’t realize that he hadn’t answered her question. He also didn’t realize that he had been starring at her all this while lost in his own time and space.

“Paul, you are scaring the hell out of me, what is it? Talk to me for ” Chantal asked again. This time slightly touching him. That was enough to get his attention. Paul startled as he came came back from his fantasy world into reality.

“I just lost my kid sister and my mom blames me for it” Paul finally blurted out. Chantal reached out and touched him as he said this. Having lost her own sister not too long ago, she could feel his pain. She started to console him without asking him why his mum would blame him for his sister’s death.

She thought it might be one of the usual things, where every mother would want her child to be around in crucial moments and maybe just blamed him for not having being around. The usual accusation being that if he were around, she wouldn’t have died.

               Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

Meanwhile, back at his apartment, Jonah was out of control. He seemed to have gotten worse since Paul left. He had been tearing up his apartment and had really messed up the place. At this point, he lost total control, started to scream at the top of his voice while simultaneously smashing the glass windows in his house.

This caught the attention of his Neighbours. Initially they kept quiet and watched him from a distance. Finally, a few of them got together and broke Into his house. When they saw his condition they knew he needed help. They decided to rush him to a hospital.

They then grabbed him and tried holding and tying him down. Jonah seemed to have garnered super human strength. He was too strong for them. He forced his way out of their hands and grabbed a knife. Now he started to threaten them with the knife and made to stab a few of them.

The neighbors had to regroup and tried forcing the knife from his hands. In the struggle, Jonah stabbed himself with the knife. The cut was quite deep and fatal. The neighbors rushed him to the hospital. When they got to the hospital, the doctors rushed him into the ICU but it was too late. He had lost too much blood and they couldn’t revive him. They pronounced him dead.

Things were turning round now, the chicken was coming home to roost. The ball the three friends kicked against the wall was coming back to them. By breaking and burning the pot, Paul had set a series of events in motion and the end result of it all seemed to be the consumption of their lives.

                  Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

Oblivious to all that Jonah was going through, Paul was having a swell time with Chantal. She had been consoling him and before they knew it, they were both asleep Paul woke up to find her lying on his chest. He now was very tempted, he couldn’t resist her, he wanted to kiss her. He raised up her face slightly by the chin. She faintly stirred in her sleep, opened her eyes lazily and saw him looking intently at her.

They found themselves swept into the moment. They couldn’t take their gaze off each other. Suddenly the inevitable which had been bound to happen all evening took place. Before they knew what was next, their lips locked together and they began kissing each other passionately.

… To Be Continued.

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