“She is gone Paul, you have succeeded in taking her away from me. Now you are happy right?. Your sister is lying lifeless at the hospital now” Said his mum.

Paul hung up the call in shock and dropped the phone. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

                    Never Love a Stranger – Episode 9

Chantal noticed all these and she immediately knew that something  had gone  wrong.

“What is it Paul?” She asked looking very concerned and worried.

Paul couldn’t answer. A whirlwind of thoughts blazed through his mind at the speed of lightning. Thoughts came to him very fast.

Perhaps his mother was right, he thought to himself. Maybe he was the cause of his sister’s death too. But he also felt that destroying the pot with the handkerchiefs was enough to cut off his link to the dark world he had so involved himself with. All he wanted to do was to take a break from his old life and chart a new course.

He loved his sister very much. He couldn’t believe or come to think that he had a hand in her death. He thought about his promise to see her through her education so that she could become someone of stature in the society.

The news of her death really got to him. He could  barely think straight. All he wanted at this moment was to be all alone so that he could think and sort issues out. He just wanted a break from everyone. Above all, he wanted to be away from Chantal as he didn’t want her endangered in any way.

He muttered a few words of excuse to Chantal and quickly left her apartment. Destroying the pot alone was a violation of the pact that existed between them and the Baba. The mysterious Baba had been introduced to him and Jonah by Sule who was their only link to the man. They had met him just one time. He had disappeared once they had received instructions not to be seen by them ever since then.

                    Never Love a Stranger – Episode 9

Paul was on his way to see his mother. He had decided that it was time to come face to face with his mother and talk about issues. Who knows, his sister’s death may bring them back and allow him enjoy the closeness he once had with her.

In no time, Paul arrived at his mother’s house. Some of the family members and Neighbours had already  gathered around to sympathize.

Once he arrived, he noticed that a number of the people gathered around were murmuring. He knew they were talking about him, with the way they glanced his way every now and then. He was however not bothered. He had come not to see them but to see his mother. Paul was apprehensive. He wasn’t sure how his mom would receive him based on her past hostilities to him. He was thinking that on seeing him, she might throw a scene and throw him out. He was however pleasantly surprised to find that she didn’t even utter a word as he came in.

She was very much in sorrow and couldn’t stop shedding tears. Paul went close to her and noticed the wound on her leg, that was the first time he was really seeing it. It was much  worse than he ever imagined. It was more of a deep sore that looked very fresh and was eating deep into her flesh. He was aghast but kept his calm.

“Mum, how are you? Paul asked

His mother looked at him very carefully as if that was the first time she was seeing him. At that moment, she just wanted to hug him and tell him how much she had missed him.  She had always been close to her two kids. The death of her husband and their subsequent sufferings brought them even closer.

Her quarrel with him came from his inability to explain the source of his sudden wealth. She knew it couldn’t have been legit and she had a premonition that it would lead to his ruin. She had tried to get him off that course but his resolve to remain on it had split them.

However, whatever wrong Paul had done, he was still her son and there was nothing she could do about that. It was even harder now that his sister was gone leaving him as her only surviving child.

She still needed him, even though she blamed him for everything, she needed him around.

“How do you expect me to feel my son? There was nothing wrong with her. She was well and all of sudden she complained about a headache, the next thing I heard was her screaming at the  top of her voice and that was all. And you know what? she died with your name on her lips. She was calling out your name. What is going on, what have you gotten yourself into Paul?” His mother asked.

                          Never Love a Stranger – Episode 9

Paul was speechless, there was nothing he could do or say. He felt very quilty and ashamed of himself. The more he saw his mother cry, the guiltier he felt about his sister’s death. It now was obvious to him that breaking the pot was not the solution.

He needed someone he could talk to. The only person that came to his mind was Jonah. Since they were both in this, he felt that he should go talk to him and let him know what was going on. Maybe together, they could work out a solution.

As soon as he could, he left his mother’s apartment and headed to Jonah’s.

Chantal had been calling him on the phone but he didn’t bother to answer her calls. Not that he didn’t want to, but he felt that being around Chantal could expose her to danger. He felt that she wasn’t safe until he had figured out what to do.

Chantal meanwhile was a praying person. Having not heard from Paul, she got on her knees and began praying for him. She had a deep sense of foreboding and felt he needed her prayers. She also felt his sister’s death wasn’t ordinary but she didn’t connect any of it to Paul.

She didn’t want to lose her new friend, Paul. She had started warming up to him and she rather liked him. She was seriously feeling the loss of her sister and didn’t want to loose Paul this way either.

She took out her bible and began praying for protection for Paul and herself. Paul was driving top speed to Jonah’s house. Fear gripped him as he thought of the misfortune around him, especially now that his mother blamed him for the death of his sister.

In no time, he arrived at Jonah’s. To his surprise, the door was open. He called out Jonah’s  name several times and got no response. Apprehensively, he entered the living room and saw that the whole place was disorganized. Picture frames were lying carelessly on the floor and there was broken glass everywhere. Paul got worried, he called out to Jonah and there was still no answer. He tried calling him on his cell phone only to hear the ring of the phone somewhere near hm.

Just then, he heard some strange noise coming from the kitchen. He quickly rushed to the there and saw Jonah sitting on the floor in his boxer shots. Jonah looked deranged and was chewing something. Pieces of what he was chewing lay all round about him. On getting close, Paul found that what Jonah was chewing was money. He was chewing currency notes and was laughing to himself. He was obviously out of his mind.

… To Be Continued.

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