As Paul made to catch him, Sule ran off the road into a deep ditch by the side of the road. He didn’t see the ditch in front of him as the road was dark. He fell down real hard hitting his head on the pavement.

The impact of the fall was quite hard and fatal as it cracked open his skull killing him instantly.

                   Never Love a Stranger – The Final Episode

As Paul got to him and saw him prone on the ground, he panicked. One look and he could tell Sule was gone. He thought of running back to go get an ambulance. Suddenly he heard a faint moan from the lips of Sule. He was shocked because there was no way Sule could be alive. You could virtually see his brains through the gash in his skull.

It seemed like Sule was trying to tell him something. He had no choice but to bend down to listen to him

“There is something I need to tell you Paul”
Sule said. “Just listen to me, it’s too late for me but you can save your life. Just sleep with a lady before the day ends and that will be all.”

Paul wasn’t ready for that; he had made his decision not to go back to his old ways. Before he could tell him about his decision, Sule went motionless and that was that.

At that point Paul panicked. Now he was in real fear. The way that Jonah and Sule had gone made him realise that he was next. They had all died over minor freak accidents. What event was going to take his life? he stated to wonder. How was he going to die?

He thought of the remedy that Sule had prescribed and he was tempted to try it. He however wasn’t sure if it was a trap. Furthermore, he had already decided to give up that life and he sure wasn’t about to go back to that lifestyle. He knew he needed help but where was he going to get it? He rushed Sule to the hospital and wasn’t really surprised when the doctors pronounced him dead. It was already obvious he was dead before being brought to the hospital.

The confirmation of Sule’s death only worsened things for him. He knew he didn’t want to die but he knew that the solution offered by Sule would only lead to the death of someone else and bind him further in the service of evil. This was the one opportunity he had to redeem himself and he decided to take it. He knew he wasn’t going back to his old life. Who could he turn to he thought? His face lit up as he thought of one person he could run to.

               Never Love a Stranger – The Final episode

He got into his car and drove off. It was now 4.00am. Paul had barely Slept the whole day. The only sleep he had been opportuned to have had was the short time he had slept off on Chantal’s sofa before she drove him out. The adrenaline was however pumping through him and all trace of sleep was far from him.

He got to his mother’s and quickly rushed into her room.

“Mom, save me. Please. Mother please save me” He cried out and knelt before her. His mother had known from inside her that he had strayed from the path she had chosen for him. Even though she couldn’t confirm it, she knew that his riches were from an evil source. This was why when she failed to persuade him to turn away, she refused to take a cent from him.

When she saw him in the state he was, her motherly love and compassion washed over her and tugged at her heart and she started to cry.

“What have you gotten yourself into, my son” She asked.

“Mother, you were right, they will come for me soon. Please save me” He said.

“I can’t save you my son. No one can. Only one person can save you right now. You need Jesus in your life. You need to accept him into your life as your Lord and Saviour. He is the only one that can save you my son” She said. “Go and confess your sins to him and he will grant you mercy.”

His phone began ringing just as his mother finished talking. He thought to avoid it and picked it up to cut it off. While doing that, he saw that the call came  from Chantal. He quickly answered the call.

“Where are you Paul? I need you to come right away” said Chantal in a very angry tone.
“Is everything alright” Paul asked but Chantal yelled and demanded his presence right away.

As if his mother knew everything, she took a look at him and without asking any questions, asked him to go to her and make things right. He then had no option than to run off; driving straight to Chantal’s house.

               Never Love a Stranger – The Final episode

He was welcomed with a slap. “What did you do to my sister” Chantal screamed at him. “What did you do to her” She asked.

Paul couldn’t even lie about it, because of the guilt as well as his feelings for Chantal. “Chantal please forgive me, I didn’t know the full depth of what I was into. Please” he said.

Chantal broke down as she could barely believe what Paul was saying. It wasn’t hard to get the truth out of him. But she didn’t need any explanation. Apparently, when Paul had left earlier on, she had called her pastor to tell him about the dream. Her pastor advised her to find Paul and come with him immediately. He told her not to waste any time as something ominous was about to happen. This was the main reason she had reached out to Paul and asked him to come over to her place.

She hadn’t been able to hold herself back when he came hence the slap and interrogation when he arrived.

“I don’t need any explanation from you Paul. We are going to see my pastor right now.” She said. Paul didn’t expect that she would say that but he however went along. At this point he was desperate for a solution, perhaps seeing her pastor would save him.

Without wasting any time, they rushed to the pastors’ residence. Suddenly, Chantal realized that she had started feeling some hatred for Paul. Throughout the way to her pastor’s, she didn’t utter a single word to him neither did she want to hear anything from him. Irrespective of this, she knew this was not a battle to be won physically.

            Never Love a Stranger – The Final episode

On arriving at her Pastor’s, the man of God was already waiting for them. As soon as he saw Paul, he spoke out.

“Son, you are not walking alone, the spirit of serpent and death has surrounded you. Confess your sins to God now before it’s too late. You have really sinned. Ask for your mother’s forgiveness, for it is because of your doing that the wound on her leg hasn’t  healed and so many lives have been lost because of you, even your own sister and Chantal’s” said the Pastor.

He was really gifted and God had already opened his eyes to everything that was happening.

At his words, Paul broke down and knelt down. Just when he was about to give up and ask for pardon, he had an attack and a seizure. He rolled on the floor and white foamy substance began coming out of his mouth.

“What is happening pastor” Chantal asked suddenly alarmed.

“The devil is at work. His time is up, but today his soul will be saved, he belongs to the children of God” said the pastor. He and Chantal then began praying, the Pastor laid his hands on Paul and started to cast out and rebuke the devil. Paul started rolling and struggling on the floor. As at when this was happening, Paul’s mother’s feet healed instantly, even though the wound was still there.

His mum felt within her that the wound was healing. She then noticed a remarkable difference within her. She knew everything was going to be well and right there she began thanking God fervently. She also got on her knees and started to intercede for her son. She felt deep within her that he needed her prayers.

Paul was still rolling all over the place and his seizure became even more severe.

“Paul accept Christ as your Lord and personal savior before it’s too late” The pastor said.

Paul then shouted out. “God forgive me, forgive me and save me from the hands of the devil. I accept Christ as the Lord and savior of my life” As he finished uttering  these words  the seizure stopped instantly and he came to himself. He began crying and held Chantal’s leg.

“I did it Chantal, I did it all because of money. Forgive me” He cried out. Chantal couldn’t help it, she began crying. The pastor then came in and pleaded on his behalf.

Without saying a word, Chantal left Paul with the pastor and went away. It wasn’t easy for Chantal but Paul truly regretted his actions.

He was afraid to go back to his house. He stayed back and lived with the pastor for a few more days. That was where he had his vocation and gave up his life to the service of God. He eventually gave all his wealth to the church and turned his house into an orphanage home. Three weeks down the line, Paul’s mother was completely healed of the wound on her leg.

Chantal on the other hand, couldn’t bring herself to forgive Paul. She moved to the United  states and settled there. Paul still felt the guilt. He then began preaching the word of God on the streets and anywhere he deemed necessary. But his life was just about to begin, it was far from over.

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