Almost every lady owns a black dress, what we call the ‘Little Black Dress’. But not everyone knows how to rock and be chic in it. If you have been looking boring in black dresses or you have stopped wearing them completely because you often look like you are mourning in them, now is the time to get your groove back. Check out our ten fresh and easy tricks that will transform your boring old black dress into the life of the party.

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Try chokers

10 ways to rock your black dress

Update your boring black dress with a bold choker necklace.

Wear statement bling

10 ways to rock your black dress

Black is boring already… So transform the look with eye-catching earrings and bracelets with blings that speak.

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Pair with animal-print shoes

10 ways to rock your black dress

Animal print shoes also go hand in hand with your black dress. It gives your lady look an edge.

Dress up your neckline with lots of long necklaces

10 ways to rock your black dress


Not only do they look festive and fun, but long necklaces’ll make you look long and lean too.

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Add a touch of red

10 ways to rock your black dress

Red shoe, clutch purse, belt, handbags, jacket or blazers… you name it. A touch of red brightens up any black dress.

 Nude Shoes with a Little Black Dress

10 ways to rock your black dress

For a mile long leg, try adding a nude shoe to your black dress. The effect is leg-lengthening. You can also opt for nude pumps.

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Wear Ankle Boots with Your Little Black Dress.

10 ways to rock your black dress

Ankle boots, when worn with a black dress, makes you look more trendy and young. Matching both together makes you look awesome.

Style With A Metal Belt

10 ways to rock your black dress

Metal belt helps to bring out that outstanding shape you’ve got, metal belt is worn around the thinnest part of your waist. Try it and get an alluring figure.

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Pair With Sneakers

10 ways to rock your black dress

Sneakers, canvas, tennis shoes or whatever you call it, can also be worn to adorn your pretty black dress. It’s gives you a smart look and perfect for outdoors games or sporting events.

Add a leather Jacket

10 ways to rock your black dress

A cute, easy way to make your cocktail dress a little edgier is by adding a leather jacket.



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