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Born on 17 August, the child was placed under ventilator support after being treated for a congenital disorder. Unnamed mother of the child reportedly said,  “They [GGH Guntur staff] are responsible for the death of my child. We had been complaining about the presence of rodents for some days, but they did not take any action. We want our child back.”

The rats reportedly left wounds on the newborn’s face and chest and  despite being treated in the hospital’s ICU, the boy could not be saved and died on 27 August. The child’s father whose name is given as Chavali Nagaraju Babu, allegedly blames the hospital staff as being both negligent and insensitive.

However, hospital chief Dr. Venugopala Rao was quoted to have said:  “The presence of rodents had come to our notice on Monday morning and I asked the engineering wing to carry out repairs to the false ceiling, but unfortunately the rodents attacked the newborn.” He also reportedly added that an investigation is on-going to determine how the negligence happened and action will be taken against all those found guilty.


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