Neyo has tied the knot with Crystal Renay



Awwn! Neyo found love in the arms of this beautiful model Crystal Renay , and they both walked down the aisle on Saturday. Their love story began shortly after meeting for a collaboration on his 2015 album. It must have been love at first sight, as no time was wasted. The grammy award winner popped the question last summer and Renay was all ‘yes.”

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“I kind of knew right away. From that first encounter, I knew there was something different about her, something special.” He said.


The R&B singer already has two kids from a previous relationship. Madilyn Grace, 5, and son Mason Evan, 4. And he is about to be a dad to his third child because his bride is heavily pregnant, though it’s going to be her first child.

“I’m gonna be honest: I’m nine months pregnant.  I’m nervous about falling on my face!” she revealed.

And her husband is so concerned about her as he revealed his fears:

“I’m more concerned about her making it all that way down that aisle or if the water breaks or something.”

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Neyo is obviously super excited that he could finally tie the knot with the woman of his dreams, and revealed it was going to be his last wedding:
“This is big for me. I’m not doing this again, so I’m happy that my family and friends are able to be there to share this moment with us. We’re human being, so we’re gonna bump heads on different things, but we’ve agreed that this is gonna be a marriage that lasts.”

So ladies! If you have eyes for Neyo, this is the time to look away. He’s probably never going to notice you.



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