Nigerian man stabs wife to death in Germany after spending her 3K Euros


An Igbo man in German has killed his Nigerian wife during an altercation. Although initial reports say he killed her over Child allowance, a neighbour has narrated what actually happened.

A Woman identified as Mama Gladys has warned the public to always investigate a story before sharing online as she called the deceased neighbour on phone to shed more light on the situation.

According to her, the Igbo man didn’t murder his late Urhobo partner because of children benefits.

The Neighbour was called on phone and she gave a clearer narrative of what happened…
She says she knows them very well and their house is just Two minutes from hers.

According to her narrative, The man first stayed in Italy, before he brought the woman directly from Nigeria to Munich, Germany. The woman had her first child there But due to the very strict laws of the city (Munich), only her child was given documents. The woman later relocated to Bremen city and the man joined her from Italy.

According to her, the man has “zero-zero” from Italy which he used to work in Germany. The woman doesn’t work and is a full-time housewife of three children…

The woman took in the second time in Bremen and got her resident permit via her child while the man had no paper.

The woman joined a contribution in Bremen to save money because they had planned going to Nigeria this December to pay her Bride Price.
NB: The woman doesn’t work. She’s a stay at home nursing mom. She has three children with her oldest being about 8-10 years old.

The contribution gave her 3000 Euro which she paid into their joint account in Nigeria as she doesn’t have a separate account. So along the line she had a family problem and needed money urgently to solve it.

She asked the man to give her part of the money that she will replace it before they travel by December but he confessed to her that he had invested the money in a house building project for their children in Nigeria.

The woman asked him how he could have invested her money on a project without informing her. That led to a serious argument and altercation between them. The woman carried hanger and the man carried a kitchen knife and stabbed her. She died on the spot.

Describing the deceased woman, the Neighbour explained that she was a very quiet woman and always stayed on her own.

On the fate of her Children, She says Social welfare took the children and they are now government property as no family member has stepped out to claim them yet.



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