The Peoples Democratic Party, on Monday, reacted to the violence that broke out at the All Progressives Congress rally in Ogun State, saying that it is a sign of rejection of President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration by Nigerians.

The opposition party in a veiled reference to the TraderMoni Scheme noted that Nigerians could not be bought with N10,000, hence the violence unleashed at the Abeokuta, Ogun State presidential rally on Monday.

In a statement posted on its verified Twitter handle on Monday evening, the PDP said the violence was a direct result of the four years of alleged misrule of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The PDP said, “The public pelting and jeering at Buhari and his APC during his election campaign rally in Abeokuta, Ogun state, is a direct response by Nigerians to his four years misrule as depicted in the expansion of poverty, corruption, divisiveness and bloodletting in our nation.

“It is instructive to note that Mr President was pelted in Abeokuta barely 24 hours after his Zamfara state rally on Sunday, where he attempted to incite Nigerians to join the APC in their planned resort to violence to derail the 2019 general election”.

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PDP added that “The people of Ogun state, and indeed, the South West, have shown that they are in direct alignment with other states and geopolitical zones of our country in rejecting President Buhari and VP Osinbajo, whose administration has foisted so much pain and anguish to Nigerians.

“Mr President can now see that Nigerians cannot be bought with N10,000, as he was made to believe by the Vice President Osinbajo and members of the cabal in his Presidency.

“The PDP, therefore, urges Buhari and the APC to read the handwriting on the wall and get ready to accept his inevitable defeat so that Nigerians can have a breath of fresh air under the leadership of Atiku, whose campaign has continued to receive rousing reception.”

The All Progressives Congress presidential campaign rally held on Monday, at the MKO Abiola International Stadium, Abeokuta was disrupted by political thugs said to be of the opposition party.

The programme, which commenced officially immediately after President Buhari arrived at the MKO Abiola International Stadium, Kuto, Abeokuta, was paused for some minutes following the violence.

Violence erupted when Oshiomhole was invited to the podium for his speech.

As he began to speak, persons suspected to be hoodlums started throwing stones at him and one of the stones flew in the direction where President Muhammadu was sitting.

He was saved by one of the security operatives who took the hit for the President.

The development angered the leaders of the party, including former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, who left the podium while the President was making his remarks.

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