Chai! Nigerians have suffered. If you have fuel, electricity supply and water, you must be living in a heaven because the common man has spent the last month being deprived of all these.  Infact, I am writing this with a kerosene lantern in one hand. What could Nigerians have done to deserve the hardship they are going through right now?

You are tired. You have spent long hours queuing up for fuel  but when it got to your turn, the nozzle was dry. “Fuel don finish o” the fuel station attendant told you. So, you carried to empty jerry can and dashed hopes back into your dark house.

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

And you turn and toss on your bed as you try to sleep in the oven-heated room while mosquitoes harass you with their soprano voices.


No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

It’s finally morning and you drag yourself up from the battle of the night. You must get ready for the day and set out early if you are interested in getting to work riding one of the few buses who still have fuel. You get on the bus and the man sitting next to you is reading a newspaper and you have a peek. Lo and behold you see the blame game going on between our leaders on the fuel scarcity and power situation. What???  They have blamed this one on PDP too?

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

Haa! Are these people cursed? People are trekking all over Nigeria because of fuel scarcity, companies are scavenging for diesel, people are dying in hospitals because there no light, People are getting assaulted and even losing their lives while queuing up for fuel and PDP is the one to blame?

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed might be a National leader but he obviously does not know that the responsibilities of a Political party and Minister of Petroleum are very different from each other. I made this logical conclusion when Tinubu asked Nigerians to hold PDP responsible for the fuel scarcity.

Before I continue, let me categorically state that I am not a fan of PDP.

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!


Since when did PDP become NNPC? The last PDP president left power ONE WHOLE YEAR AGO and he’s still being blamed for the present fuel scarcity? The people in the village are at it again o.


No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!


Is it me or President Buhari has forgotten that he is our Minister of Petroleum resources? If he has, let this piece remind him as he is about to make history as the Petroleum Minister under whose administration Nigeria had the longest and most gruesome fuel scarcity experience.

Though, the Minister of State for petroleum resources Ibe Kachikwu bashed Nigerians with his ‘I AM NOT A MAGICIAN’ comment, President Buhari who is the real ‘Oga at the top’ has remained as silent as the man who just farted in a board room meeting.

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

This has made Nigerians quickly imply that PMB has a laissez-faire attitude towards the present predicament. Being president and Minister of petroleum resources is now evidently cumbersome for PMB. He should be called upon to resign if he can’t perform.


Electricity nko? Hehe. When President Buhari is busy doing Waka Waka, how will he feel the power outage?

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!


10 whole power generating plants are shut down in Nigeria and I wonder if PDP went on a tour of all of the plants, shutting them down one after another.

Mr Babatunde Fashola, the sweetheart of the masses might not be a sweetheart right now. However, it is important to note that the persisting fuel scarcity is directly affecting the generation of Electricity so, we might need to cut him some slack although as the Minister of power, he needs to get his power stations in order. Candlesticks are now expensive biko.

No fuel, No light... Blame it on PDP!

And for those Presidential mouthpieces blaming PDP, kindly take several seats.


A lazy worker is always complaining of his tools.



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