I am not anyone’s baby mama- Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa Photo credit: Mediaguide.ng
Toke Makinwa Photo credit: Mediaguide.ng
Toke Makinwa Photo credit: Mediaguide.ng

Hian! Why would someone just want to invent lies against another person? Earlier this week, we told you that Popular Vlogger and OAP was rumoured on Instagram to have a child for another man before marrying her husband Maje Ayida. She was said to have perfected the hiding of the said child from the public. Although some of her followers were delighted about the rumour, other expressed shock  at the allegation that the OAP was hiding her ‘out-of-wedlock child’ from the public.

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The  Instagram user by the name @Tessy5 challenged Toke Makinwa to reveal her child’s identity.

Her comment reads:

“You AV Neva post any of ur child picture on Instagram”,“All u do is post ur ugly picture with ur wild and ugly mouth on Instagram….”

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However, others who made comments on this matter were really surprised at the unconfirmed news  about Makinwa’s child. When asked if she was sure, Tessy53,with much confidence, replied comments in the same vein, writing:

 “yeah she does AV a child but she is not showing her child to d word!”

She initially kept quiet about the allegations  but eventually refuted them.  The news which caused a frenzy,  has now been confirmed to be nothing but a lie. According to Saturday Beats, Toke Makinwa described the allegation as a laughable one and wondered why anyone would take such comment seriously.

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She added; “I have been in this industry for over six years. My radio career started in 2010 and I am working with one of the most popular radio stations in Nigeria, I was on television and I have a Vlog. If I have a child, everyone would know. It is laughable and there is no iota of truth in that post.”



  1. Is a lie you are so beautiful how on art you will tall us that you have know boy FRn is not possible

  2. If you don’t have a boy FRn pls go and met a man of God to deliver bcuose is not ordinary thanks you

  3. Franics why cant u read wel before talking. What ur saying and what she saying is not de same. Correct urself and dont be too fast ok

  4. Everything she does in her profession has to do with d social media.. With d public.. From blogging to working in a radio station. And all these deal with d public. So if she’s gota baby out of wedlock we will all know.. U shouldn’t comment presumptuously thinking dat she’s a baby mama without any any proof u could b charged fo slander in court.


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