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Please Help!!!
I’m looking for the following:

  • A Place to trek to
  • A Reason to do the trekking
  • How to generate funds for my trekking.

But before then, I have a little question. Is there any special reward for this trekking stuff?

Like the man that trekked to Abuja to congratulate the President, did he get anything apart from that Presidential handshake? I’m told OgaBuhari takes one sachet of beverage for breakfast…hmn! That simply means that not much gain can come from trekking to/for or on behalf of Mr. President Elect.
I’m not sure a Presidential handshake or an ex- Presidential handshake would be enough motivation for meto cover thousands of miles to either Abuja or Bayelsa.
Anyway, while I’m waiting for your suggestions, let’s check out these updates onthe greatNaija trekkers.

  1. Joseph Iyoke, a 200 level Student of the Open University trekked from Aba to Nsukka on May 4th in honour of the Governor Elect of Enugu State, Mr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.


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