Interesting! Governments are getting more involved in ensuring people eat healthy. Our “ogas at the top” should probably take a cue…well, after we’ve sorted out our other more pressing issues sha

The Obama administration is ordering food companies to phase out the use of heart-clogging trans fats over the next three years, calling them a threat to public health.

The move will remove artificial trans fats from the food supply almost entirely. Consumers aren’t likely to notice much of a difference in their favorite foods, but the administration says the move will reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.

Yellow tape measure next to nutrition information on packaging in the USA
Yellow tape measure next to nutrition information on packaging in the USA


  1. I realize that all these fees add up. As a proesscor we too are frustrated by the fees accessed. However, the only reason the Visa FANF fee was introduced was due to the Durbin Act. Look it up! This is where your current gov’t decided to get involved in private business. This act forced Visa/MC to decrease fees charged for certain card types. It would be like the gov’t coming into your business and telling you that you cannot charge a certain amount for your product. You wouldn’t like this either. Unfortunately due to this act Visa/MC lost 9 billion dollars for their investors. Well obviously they were not going to sit back and take that kind of hit as their investors would not allow that to happen. Thus your new VISA Fanf fee. So before you go getting upset with VISA/MC, which is a business and is in the business of making money you should first consider why this was put in place. It was because the gov’t thought they were going to help you. If the gov’t came in and made you change your prices for someone else how would you react? You would have to find ways to get the lost income. That means raising prices somewhere else. Do I agree with the increase? No, but I understand. Gov’t needs to stay out of the private business world, period!


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