Hehehe! Pardon me for laughing but this is actually laughable sha. Since the Obamas left the white house this young lady has not been given a breathing space by the so-called paparazzi.

Now a blind stalker has been on her matter to the extent of publicly asking her to marry him.

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Well, the U.S. Secret Service agents have arrested the long time stalker of former President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia Obama, after he publicly begged her to marry him.

Obama's daughter’s stalker arrested and taken for mental evaluation

According to New York Times News, the suspect, identified as Brooklynite Jair Nilton Cardoso, 30-year-old, on the 10th of April was spotted at the fourth floor of the Manhattan building where Obama, 18, was working as an intern and loudly begged for her hand in marriage.

At the time of the embarrassing scene, two Secret Service agents on Malia’s detail removed him from the building.

Two days later, Cardoso who pretended to be blind was spotted following Obama after she left work at another internship in the West Village.

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After he was stopped by Secret Service agents who recognised him from previous attempts to break into the White House, agents warned the lovesick man to stay away from the first daughter.

The following day, agents interviewed Cardoso at his Brooklyn apartment and took him to a hospital for evaluation after concluding that the man was suffering psychiatric issues.

On Tuesday, the agents reported Cardoso to the NYPD, which is reportedly determining whether to file stalking or harassment charges against him.



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