No apologies! You’re not coming to Ojota this time around. You would rather occupy your bed. When you went on an Israelites  journey in 2012 to Ojota well armed with Gala, La Casera and Dunlop slippers, you were ready to go to any length to see that GEJ and the 36 thieves dared not remove any subsidy.

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But then you had a job, you had gone to the market to buy cheap tomatoes and pepper and fattened frozen chicken.

You had stocked your house like a man preparing for seven years of famine. Garri, yams, beans, rice and the likes were lounging in your house and you were ready to trek to Aso rock to ensure that the fuel price was dropped to N65.

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The man whose ‘goodluck’ you had banked on when you voted was not about to become the bad luck of the masses.


You lifted tree branches, screamed at the top of your lungs, danced, complained, trekked back home and jumped in your bed like a soldier back from war.


The next day, you were up again and back on your quest for a better Nigeria. You joined in the widespread resistance shutting down fuel stations, barricading roads and raising your fists in the air at the large gathering at Ojota which soon turned into a full-blown concert where artistes entertained the masses.

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DSC0780 (1)

As you were screaming at Ojota, you posted selfies on twitter turning yourself into an eyewitness reporter for your cowardly followers who occupied Nigeria from their beds.


…and sitting rooms that were now on the streets

image (1)

It was the era of the Arab Spring. Our Libyan and Egyptian neighbours were on the streets of their countries demanding one thing or the other so why not Nigerians?

You joined other millions of Nigerians who then gave the NLC, Save Nigeria Group and other leaders their blessings to attend a series of negotiations in Abuja; negotiations which ended in shocking betrayal of the masses and political appointments money sharing sprees.

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Now, this same fuel subsidy issue has showed it’s ugly head again only this time it didn’t meet you well. The fall in oil price has caused your company to retrench many workers and you are one of them who escaped the chopping but your salary has now been scissored.


Today, Mr Kachikwu is saying fuel subsidy has been removed, tomorrow Vice President Osinbajo claims there was no subsidy to begin with and you think to yourself that while they have turned Nigeria’s economy into a circus of various mathematical puzzles and riddles, it definitely costs more to survive daily in Nigeria.

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NEPA has finally gone to R.I.P and you now have to carry your generators to fuel stations to buy the highly priced petrol. Market women have now become more insolent because honestly, there’s no patience to haggle.

It’s either you buy items at the riduculous prices or ‘Gerrarahere for real!’ Even garri now thinks it is now gold sand.


The cost of transportation has also increased and generally, inflation is dashing up the graph. The last time you visited the Government hospital close to your house for treatment, they asked you to come back tomorrow because there was no electric power with which they would attend to you. Some babies had died in the incubator, many were waiting on a miracle of NEPA to have surgeries which now cost much more.

images (4)

And now, Ndubuisi your neighbour is calling you over the phone to ask if you are coming along to march in the protest as NLC strikes in reaction to the recent fuel price hike. He says they are going to shut down banks, fuel stations, markets… infact, the entire nation. You tell him ‘I’m not sure’ but deep down within you, you know that before he comes knocking tomorrow morning, you would have stocked your house with as much food that you can afford, filled your jerry cans with ‘black market’ fuel which you will measure with syringes into your genrator and order your entire household to lock the door and not answer continuous knocks from Ndubuisi.

download (11)

You would be in bed hoping that it rains so that you can sleep and enjoy your free leave. Afterall, it is the man who has eaten three square meals that can carry branches and march all around Lagos singing “All we are saying, we don’t want CHANGE”



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