We all want to change our wardrobe… at least twice a year… but how often do we consider changing our undies? Lemme guess, you probably believe that your bras and undies can last for years. However, we decided to uncover the truth. Read below for the obvious signs it’s time to replace your beloved underwears:

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1. They’ve lost their shape & support

Our breasts change a lot more than we realize, so supporting them the right way is of the utmost importance. After all, support is the exact reason we wear a bra in the first place. Get measured at least once a year to make sure you’re supporting your breasts properly.

As far as underwear is concerned, countless wash cycles can wear them super quickly, so we recommend replacing them every six months.

  1. Get comfortable

OK, first things first. If your underwear doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable, please throw it out. Life is difficult and complicated enough without wearing ill-fitting items on your intimate parts. And if it’s uncomfortable, it tends to be unflattering too, so don’t even debate this one.

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  1. You’ve changed partners

We get it… you have a new significant other in your life, you’ve traded up partners, now trade up on lingerie too.

  1. If they smell

OK, I hate to get personal here, but both bras and undies can look OK, but can pick up weird odours along the voyage of life. It might not even be your fault, pieces that contain polyester can actually grow a special type of particularly smelly bacteria that can be transported from one item to another in the wash.

So give your stuff the smell test. This goes for bras for ladies and underwear for both genders.

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  1. You haven’t updated in 5 years

These days, there are more fits and lengths and materials than ever before, and especially if you like wearing skinnier pants, you can find underwear that might be significantly more comfortable than your old standbys, go for them.



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