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OJ – Episode 7

“Do you have good news Mr. Babs?” asked one of the directors.

He wasn’t sure if the information he had qualified to be called good news, especially since the general and the directors had spies that told them almost everything that happened, sometimes, even before it happened.

Babs tried very hard to pick his words carefully, “Aisha has been confirmed dead, she was burnt beyond recognition in her house”, he paused briefly then continued, “NC14’s case has been reopened and we have been able to buy over the judge”. He was hoping that the latter information would please the directors and take their minds off the former but he was wrong.

“Babs, we are already aware of everything you have just said. If you want to continue to be taken seriously in this organization you must tell us things we don’t already know, like how is it that you went to speak with her at about 12:25pm and everything seemed fine only to hear that her house was burnt to the ground with her inside later that day”, the general paused briefly then continued, “what you forgot to mention was the fact that the body that was found already had its neck broken before the fire, so either she committed suicide or she was murdered, she died before the fire and I want to know why !”, his stern look spoke louder than his voice, the room was quiet and Babs was no longer speaking. It was only a matter of time before they connected the dots and the general was not the kind to forgive.

The general cleared his throat and then continued, “How do we ensure that the subject does not get out of line, what insurance do we have?” Babs was already losing his confidence and composure, he tried to read the expression on the general’s face then he answered, “He won’t sir”. The general didn’t say another word, he just motioned that Babs could leave the room. He took a bow then left the room.

The general turned to the directors and said, “I think Babs has outlived his usefulness to this organization”, Eric was the first to make a comment, “I quite agree that his inconsistencies within the last couple of months calls for serious concern, however he knows too much about our operations and the NC project, we could allow him to reacquire the subject and when the time is right we will take care of him,” there was a unanimous agreement by the directors. The general wasn’t interested in talking about Babs any longer, he looked at Eric and asked, “What is the latest news from Prof. Rogers?”


You Are Reading: OJ – Episode 7

Stone Bridge

Maximum Security Prison

Abuja Nigeria

OJ was furious, he knew Aisha’s death was definitely connected to her visit to see him in the prison, but, he didn’t understand why she had to pay with her life. All he could think about was the fact that everyone he knew or cared about was dead and it was no longer looking like a coincidence, someone or some people were behind it and he needed to find out who they were. He became consumed by his desire for vengeance, someone had to pay for her death, but, he had to get out of prison to get answers.

He paced his prison cell, back and forth like a mad man until finally portable couldn’t take it anymore, He stood up from the bed, revealing his small stature and he said. “Guy, you are not acting like yourself lately, you have been pacing up and down like a mad man.” Any other day, OJ would have grabbed portable by the neck and lifted him off the ground for a statement like that, but this day was different, he just laughed and when he couldn’t stomach any more laughter he said , “yes, you are right, I have to be mad.”

Portable was about to apologize but OJ interrupted him, his words became whispers, “I need your help, I need to be mad”, portable couldn’t understand how he could help ‘the almighty OJ’ but he just listened, so the big man continued, “I need the entire inmates to think I am  insane, it would become unsafe to keep me in the prison with the other inmates and so I would be transferred to the prison psychiatric section.”

Portable couldn’t  listen any longer, “do you know what you are asking? Even if we are able to convince everybody that you are insane, how would you adjust to living with real mad people?” OJ saw genuine concern in portable’s words, he was deeply moved but, he had a plan and he was almost entirely certain that it would work, “I won’t be in the asylum for long, are you with me on this plan?” Portable couldn’t see how he could stop him from doing anything he had already set his mind to do, he gave a nod of approval and OJ was ready to set his plan in motion.

You Are Reading: OJ – Episode 7

Portable began by circulating information amongst the inmates that OJ was acting strangely and talking to himself. Initially the inmates couldn’t believe him but  like wild fire, the news spread through the entire prison, some individuals were quick to say that OJ was facing the spiritual implications of crippling Eja, others said he had gone mad because the spirit of his father had come back to haunt him.

Everyone kept a safe distance as they observed OJ talking to himself and  just paced up and down the yard. He was even talking to his food.

OJ had just a couple of weeks before his trial he needed to do something drastic and fast. Without a warning, he grabbed Portable by the shoulders and lifted him off the ground, Portable began to cry for help, the other inmates yelled from their cells, “guard make una help portable oh! OJ don kolo finally!”

The guards rushed to OJ’s cell and found him yelling, “Give me back my heart! Where did you put it” the guards asked him to put portable down but he refused, eventually they struck him with a metal, he fell to the ground, knocked-out. One of the guards whispered, “This guy don kolo-mental, we suppose carry am go psycho prison”, the other guard responded, “we suppose first tell Mr. Warden”. They dragged him away looking so lifeless.

Portable was glad that OJ’s plan worked out but he pitied OJ because he was almost certain that he would wake up with a bad headache and realise that he was surrounded by mad criminals.

…. To be continued.

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