Oriental Hotel

Lagos Nigeria.


Dinner ended in an unexpected twist.

OJ – Season III Episode 3

Eric was led out of the premises with cuffs on his wrist. OJ was exposed to many harsh realities about himself and he learnt a very bitter lesson – he was running out of people to trust.

He watched the general leave and then he returned to where Portable and Aisha were waiting. OJ put his arm on Aisha’s shoulder and allowed portable to walk closely behind. He was alarmed by the drama that had just unfolded. He had a hard time reconciling the fact that the general, his supposed arch enemy, had good intentions. He was perhaps the good guy in all that had happened..

“What now?” Aisha asked

But before OJ could respond, Portable cut in,

“We need to see Sandra!”

It sounded more like an order than a suggestion but neither OJ nor Aisha took notice of his tone of voice. Sandra’s place was the only available place for them to lay their heads as they didn’t have any more money. Deep down OJ and Aisha knew that Portable was trying to insinuate that Sandra could not be trusted but Aisha couldn’t even imagine it.

They flagged a taxi and went to Sandra’s apartment. They needed to establish if she was a friend or foe. More importantly, they needed a place to rest.



Lagos Nigeria

Eric was brought in with cuffs on his wrists.

Deep down he knew the day would come when the general would find out that he was a mole planted in the organisation. Eric would have preferred death to torture but the general didn’t present him with an option.

Four hefty men escorted Eric to the torture room.

The general needed information and he was going to use any means necessary to extract it. He wanted to know who the leader was and if the leader had any other agents within his organisation. That information was critical so as to eliminate all hiccups in his plan.

“Hmmmm, Eric, Eric, Eric” the general began

There was a single bulb in the poorly lit room. The bulb was pointed directly towards Eric , he was tied to a chair.

You Are Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 3

“You know I like you and I had great plans for you”

“Keep your plans to yourself. You  murderer.” Eric yelled

One of the men sent a punch to Eric’s face but the general cautioned him

“Eric, do you really think I am a murderer?”

Eric was still recovering from the punch so he couldn’t grace the general’s question with a response.

“All I want is for people to use their brains more productively. So what’s the problem if I become a multi billionaire in the process?”

“You want people to get addicted to your drug!”

The guard was about to hit Eric again but the general cautioned him.

“Eric my man, you are deviating from the reason we are here”

He tapped him gently on the shoulder then whispered.

“I could make your passing fast and painless or I could torture you until death because the sweetest gift you could ever long for.”

Eric was aware of what the general was capable of so he was sure that his words were not empty threats, the general was making a promise.

Fear called out to Eric but he refused go in its direction.

“Death is Death, one day someone is going to give you a taste of your own medicine”

The general became angry, turning to the guards, he ordered,

“Make sure you make him suffer but most importantly get me the identity of the Leader no matter what it takes”

He walked out of the torture chamber and Eric was taken to hell.

You Are Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 3

Sandra’s apartment,

Lagos, Nigeria

The taxi came to a halt just in front of Sandra’s apartment. Portable paid the fare and they went into the building. The gate was left unguarded but it didn’t seem to bother the trio because Sandra’s gatekeeper was very negligent of his duties.

However,  when they got to the main building and found the door ajar they knew there was a problem. Somebody had definitely been there. The person or people had gone through her belonging.

OJ, Aisha and Portable scanned through the apartment and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t safe for them to remain in that apartment. They came to a conclusion, Sandra wasn’t as straight as an arrow and it wasn’t safe to stay in her apartment..

Just as they contemplated where they could stay, a call came through on OJ’s phone. He picked,


OJ recognised the voice immediately, it was the general.

You Are Reading: OJ – Season III Episode 3

“Hello Sir”

“I understand that you need a place to stay” he paused briefly, cleared his throat then continued.

“I have a guest house on bank Anthony way. You and your friends could stay there until you get back on your feet”

OJ became momentarily speechless, it was as though the general knew his every move. Something just wasn’t right, he could feel it.

“Are you still on the line?” the general asked

“Yes I am sir” OJ reaffirmed

“Good, go to 14 Adekunle Ogunyakin Street, it is off Bank Anthony way. I have dropped a word with the gatekeeper. You would be safe there” he assured

OJ wasn’t sure if the general was being helpful because of his personal safety or because of the value of the NC that was placed inside of him.

He told the others about the general’s offer and Portable was the first to bounce on it. Aisha on the other hand was not comfortable with the idea but Sandra’s place was definitely not the place they should be.

Aisha was confused, what could have happened to Sandra – her best friend.  Aisha did a quick search in the apartment and it appeared as though Sandra took a few items and left in a hurry.

“Babe, I hope you are okay” Aisha thought within herself


Without wasting more time, they went to the apartment that the general had offered. OJ knew it wasn’t his brightest decision but it was getting dark, they didn’t have money to stay in a hotel and he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Something inside of him told him he was going to regret trusting the general.

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